Calling 222 owners

I’ve just received my NC 222 & 250. On the 222 the sound mutes when I adjust volume via front dial, app or remote and doesn’t return for about 5 seconds, also the volume dial is loose and you can pull it in and out!! I’m presuming neither of these features are normal and I’ve got yet another duff Naim unit. Can anyone clarify? Thanks

That doesn’t sound good. I’ve not had any experience like that and my volume knob is quite stiff.

Ok thanks, as I suspected. I just can’t quite believe it, these were replacing a faulty SN3 & NDX2.

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Sound wise how did you find? Is it an upgrade over Sn3/ndx2. Hope you get your issues resolved. Is the nsc 222 packed or open? If open, then there is some mishandling done either by the customs department or someone at the dealers side.

Please - these are new units. Contact your Dealer.

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No, not opened, just poor QC. They’re Grade A units supposedly, Grade F more like it. So frustrating. They sound ok but certainly not leaps and bounds past the SN3 / NDX2.

No definitely not right. Your experience with Naim gear sounds terrible. I hope between your dealer and Naim they can rectify but is so frustrating never mind your first impressions of SQ are not that great……

Referring to your thread title, another NSC222 owner here.
Little detail in your posts, but implication is that this was not installed by your dealer. Indeed no mention as to what auditioning of the NC kit took place, if you are not satisfied with the sound. A run in period will certainly be necessary.
If not dealer installed, then switch off all units, then after a couple of minutes, to allow any discharge, remove and reinsert each and every plug and i/c, similarly the optic cable.
You don’t tell us whether you are wired or wireless, which app you are using and what exactly your (streaming) source is, when the issue arises, which would be useful to know. Perhaps try a usb stick with some tracks present and see if after the above, the issue recurs.
However this, as @IanRobertM says very clearly, is a matter that should be referred to your dealer. Whilst we may be able to offer some pointers, until you have referred the issue(s) to said dealer and they have had the opportunity to assess the same, the forum is hardly the first point of call, irrespective of how frustrating the issue may be.




Gents…. Units were brought home late this afternoon, setting up & installing is straightforward and not rocket science. First thing I noticed was sound muting when volume adjusted and on closer inspection I spotted volume knob was loose. Of course I’m going to liaise with dealer ffs, it was late so I thought I might just run past existing 222 owners to check that it wasn’t something I’d overlooked in menus or whatever re sound muting, obviously loose knob is an issue. If you can’t run this sort of thing past forum users it reflects poorly. Hope that is all CLEAR?


Sound muting thing is odd, wonder what is going on there. Remote button stuck or something? shrugging shoulders.

Some people think they’re Naim Spokespersons and Forum police. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


I suspect it’s all related to the loose fly by wire vol control. Sound wise it’s early days and I’m finding it hard to look past the faults, it’s certainly not bad at all and I’m sure if I kept the units things will improve a lot but that’s looking unlikely.

I’d definitely be returning it for a new unit. Sorry it wasn’t a better experience for you. I’ve been there when you’re not happy with new kit.

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So are they official ‘Refurbished’ units, not ‘new’ as such…? I wasn’t aware Naim were offering refurbished on the NC already….?
Regardless, that shouldn’t make a difference…in fact, refurbished units from some manufacturers, eg Apple, are renowned for even better QC as they are additionally checked and inspected before resale….

Re poor QC, it’s surprising but it does happen it seems….
My first Uniti Core, brand new out of a factory sealed box, had a chip on the front edge…I couldn’t believe it had got out the factory. Needless to say, that went straight back to the dealer.
The worst example I experienced was with my father’s Nova(s) – The Acrylic logo bar fell off within 2 days, and did so for THREE units in a row….but that’s a whole other story!


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That was a well known (at the time) design fault, caused by the adhesive failing, basically as it was the wrong adhesive. Naim eventually changed the design and the problem stopped.

I know, well…Know the whole back story to that one….
Wasn’t very cool at the time…Having advised my Dad to purchase a whole Naim/Kudos system with a little bit of inheritance he got…and then all that happened over the first weeks of ownership….:roll_eyes::flushed:

Interesting you say that. My Nova was made in late 2022 and the logo bar started to come adrift. Naim sent me a new logo bar and that one is coming adrift too, at the logo end. I push it back up and the next day it’s drooping again. I must get round to calling the factory, or reaching for the superglue.

Crikey, what is going on here? Adrift logo bars, loose volume knobs, super glue, ‘over-hyped’ new sound voicing?:eyes::thinking:

Just listening to the latest Slowdive album which I know well from listening to on SN3/NDX2, it’s quite a complex recording and it’s a bit of a mess on the 222 to put it politely and the NDX2 would walk all over it, seems it cant render the complex sections very well at all and your left with a wall of edgy and fatiguing sound - and my speakers are very forgiving. Doubt it’s a burn-in thing, perhaps the volume issue is affecting sq in some way but it sounds like the dac is a bit suspect. Anyway as it’s faulty it’ll be going back on Monday regardless along with the 250 and unless theres a major turnaround in sq between now and then it wont be replaced. Before anyone asks it was not possible, due to the nature of the deal, to audition in advance.

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