Can my Supercap be damaged?

Hi, one for the 'techie 'chaps.

I’m considering doing a long term loan on my supercap to a new NAIM owner. It’s to power the Supernait 3 that he’s recently bought.

I’m aware that the perfect partner would be a HICAP DR, but my Superline’s Supercap DR is sitting around after being made redundant by a Whest ‘Titan’ phonostage. I know not all the Supercap circuitry will not be utilised by the SN 3 will this cause any long term damage to the unused sections?

Thanks for your advice

Nope. The Supercap can be used in a number of Naim recommended applications where not all the available power rails are used so don’t worry.

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It will be absolutely and totally fine. Many Supercaps aren’t fully used - for example on 282s, Headlines and Prefixes. Have no fear.

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Thanks chaps - I think he’ll be thrilled when I leave it with him. At the moment he thinks it’s a demo … unless he’s made himself a new member of the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

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Free gatewaydrugs. We all know that it never ends.


Depends on the amount of Coke your friend accidentally spills on it.

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:

Hi James,

Do you know the parts number for the Din cables needed to connect the SN3 to SCAP? I bought some to take with me over the weekend. One was a 5 pin the other was a 4pin - but the 5 pin didn’t fit into the SCAP it was a cresent shape layput of pins the 4 pin fitted the SCAP but I was unsure of the fitting on the SN3 so I didn’t try . Both cables I bought are NAIM, grey with the same DIN combination on both ends - I mean that each had the same configuration and same amount of pins.

Thanks Pete

Hi Pete - Sounds like you had taken a 5 pin DIN interconnect rather than a SNAIC with you.

Have a look here

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Thanks James,

I called up a dealer and asked them if they could supply the correct cables. They said they had so many different types of SNAIC they weren’t sure which ones to use, so they’re looking it up. Blimey!

It’s really not hard. A Snaic 5 and a Snaic 4. Even I know that, so heaven knows why a dealer might need to look it up. Which dealer is it, Clueless Audio?

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I think they may need to read Richard’s FAQ !

Here are the SNAIC5 & 4 cables HH mentions.


Thanks James :+1:

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Cables have arrived now. Might seem a stupid question but does the SN3 need to be plugged in or will the supercap drive the SN3 entirley?


You’ll need to keep the power to the SN3.



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