Can’t find Room, In the Room

Okay, this is weird. My iPhone app won’t find the room (No rooms found), if I am in the same room, sitting next to the Muso Qb 2. If I go out of the room, into the kitchen or hall, it finds the Qb 2 in the app.

So, from previous post, I now have my router passing out IP addresses, not the Velop Mesh, so we are all on the same subnet. I am thinking maybe having a Velop AND the WiFi router in the same room is causing problems?


Is the WiFi on your router still active? If you’re going to use Mesh WiFi, you would normally disable any other WiFi devices and make sure that you get full coverage from the Mesh by positioning the base stations as required.

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The Mesh is set up in Bridge mode, so wonder if I can still have the Technicolor router giving out IP numbers, but not a wifi signal…hmmm…

The DHCP server is needed for your whole network, not just the wireless stuff. With a Mesh network running from different devices, the WiFi on your router is not a part of that, and should be disabled.

Just switched that off, still no luck, BUT, I added an ethernet connection to the Muso Qb 2 and the phone now sees it. So, fixed in that respect, but not across WiFi… probably just leave it like that seeing as it works.

Thanks for your help!

When you make changes like that, you often need to restart your router afterwards. Better still, to be sure, turn off your router, WAPs, streamers and iPhone. After a few minutes, turn on the router, and make sure it’s fully up and running. Then turn on everything else, one thing at a time.

I have found my personal solution to this problem, which I have just posted on another thread.

Given that networks and their devices vary considerably there is no warranty given or implied for everyone else :grinning:

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