Can you Get JB Radio 2 on 272?

Hi - somebody mentioned JB Radio 2 so I thought I’d give it a go. I can’t find it anywhere in the 272 list of stations. I even tried using Naim vtuner to add the station - I found it but the process is not adding it to my Added Stations list

Any advice? Is this radio station hidden somewhere on the 272 lists? Can it be added via tuner?


On a SuperUniti it comes up under Genre/Classic Rock/All Stations - just be patient and let the app download the whole list before searching, it’s a little slow.

Often easier to find the category on vtuner website

On the 272 it isn’t in the Classic Rock list. It’s frustrating as the list loops so you can’t tell if you have looked at everything until you spot the same stations coming up! I found it on the tuner but it hasn’t worked - any advice? Thanks

Very strange. SuperUniti is also a legacy device and I had no problems locating it via the naim app.

Sorry, no further clue!

I never scroll the list as the app is too laggy - I always just use the search, making sure I’ve selected All Stations under the genre, and then it pops up as per screenshot.

It also appears in the list on SU screen.

Internet Radio/Genre/Classic Rock/All Stations,
I then jump to J it’s about 5th hit….

Found it! I used the buttons rather than the remote - as per your screen shot.
Thanks so much for your help

But it says “Station Unavailable” - oh well

Yes vTuner is poor at tracking station URL changes, this is pretty normal.

On the SU we pretty much exclusively use saved favourites.

In the lounge we have dispensed with vTuner altogether and use the iOS RadioBox app to cast to NDX2, other than a few saved favourites.

Unfortunately legacy streamers are at the mercy of vTuner.

Paging @Stevesky who pings these failings across to vTuner.

Do yourself a favor and set up Kurt’s cloud solution. You can get lossless radio integrated through iRadio by manually adding the stations through vTuner. Thread is a little long but worth the effort.

Alternatively you can run Minimstreamer on your network and pay the nominal fee for transcoding license and set up a .PNG playlist that also plays lossless. I actually preferred the SQ through this option but only by a slight margin. Both options yield excellent SQ. I’m happy to share my playlist with you to save you the trouble of setting up. You’ll have all the RP stations, JB Radio 2, the Naim stations, with logos and all lossless. Just let me know. There are threads here with all the details.

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Thanks - I’ll look into this

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That’s what I use for my Muso. It works perfectly and there is a clear improvement compared to 320K.

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Hi @mbishop

JB Radio 2 should be working again on Vtuner.



Steve - that’s fantastic - thank you soooooo much!
I can see lots of other stations too - you must have been busy :smiley:
I wish I could afford a 222 but happy with the 272 for now - good to see a bit of love for the old streamers
Thanks also to everyone else for your suggestions - I will take a look at Kurt’s cloud solution and Ministreamer - in the meantime I’m giving JB Radio 2 a try - good so far.

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JB Radio 2 just stopped! I think I need the other options described above

I finally got round to trying out Kurt’s solution - works a treat! Thanks so much for suggesting this.

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Great, glad it worked out for you.

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