Cannot access Tidal any more

I can’t access Tidal on my Uniti. It’s not good enough to just change the goalposts like this. Feeling very angry and let down.

This thread explains the changes Tidal made at their end (which seems to have now gone live) which required a change at the Naim end, and advice on how to download and apply the update Naim provided last year.

I have looked at this, but I can’t get my head around it. I simply don’t know what to do next.

I’ll try and have a look - I had a look before but I needed a special cable. I might have to take the unit to a naim dealer, but I really don’t want the hassle.

There wasn’t much Naim could do behind what they did. Tidal announced a change to how they authenticated users, Naim provided a firmware upgrade to both current and legacy devices that ensured they still work with the new Tidal model. I’d agree that the old update process wasn’t particularly user-friendly with modern laptops, but I think that thread does cover it.
The required cable is a USB to mini- USB cable I think, around a fiver on well known online retailer. The Naim instructions linked in the thread seem comprehensive (based on my memory of upgrading my NDX back in the day).

This is a big problem with digital services generally.

Naim designed their software to work with 3rd party digital services, but those 3rd parties change the access methods unilaterally meaning locked out devices.

I have ‘Smart TVs’ , DVD/BluRay players and ‘AppleTVs’ that are ancient and no longer support the srevices they once did due to changes made by the 3rd party provider.

Hopefully in your case a dealer will be able to help you update if Naim have a suitable firmware update but there are so many devices out there that no longer work the way they used to.

I think you can be fairly confident that Naim will support older hardware as far as possible despite the 3rd parties changing things. More recent/future products may well make this process easier or automatic but Naim have finite resources and probably do far more than most of the ‘big players’, Apple included.

I linked the thread above that describes how to apply the upgrade that Naim provided for their legacy streamers.

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Yes sorry, was alluding to that but didn’t specifically mention it as I don’t have an older streamer.

There will presumably be workaround too however cumbersome.

It’s the original Uniti, but factory upgraded for 24 bit audio files. I am now going to have to travel to a dealer. It’s an older unit dating back to 2011

The update really isn’t that difficult. You need a computer and a cheap USB cable. Follow the written instructions Naim provide to the letter, and it will work.

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OK. I’ve now got a RS232 to USB C cable. I’ve downloaded and installed the driver, but on the updater, the cable isn’t showing:

Can someone explain why it’s not showing?

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