Canon lens repairs

I have a Canon 24-70mm F2.8L USM lens purchased maybe just over a decade ago.

It seems to have developed the dreaded connection error due to the ribbon cable in the barrel controlling aperture failing.

Searches seems to suggest H Lehmann are sadly no longer in business, and Canon won’t repair it.

Ludicrous when it works at F2.8 but nothing else and replacement (3rd party assumed) ribbon cables are going for a few dollars on ebay.

YouTube videos are detailed but what a faff.

Any recommendations for UK based repair services which might handle the lens?

Try yer local London Camera Exchange. If they’re anything like Southampton LCE, they’ll have a “man who does” on tap. They/he fixed the same issue in my 24-105 L series for just over 200 quid. Took about three weeks.


Thanks, my 24-105 F4 L is just about ok but I gather it potentially has the same problem to look forward to!

No LCE close locally, but looks as though I have Hereford/Bristol/Bath not that far away.

Is it a Mark 1 or Mark 2? I’m assuming EF mount.

LCE have s/h Mk 1s for £450-500 & Mk 2s for 800-900.

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I was surprised to read that Canon won’t repair it - I was under the impression that they committed to repair L lenses for life, though I have no idea where I heard that (and whether a sensible cost is another matter).


I got this problem sorted out via Clocktower Cameras, 32 Church St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1RL Tel: 01273 706010. I think they sent the lens to a repairer in Uckfield, East Sussex. Might be worth giving them a call. Or you can send a message via https://clocktowercameras dot co dot uk

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Thomas Camera Services Ltd. Recommended to me by LCE in Soton.

Thomas did a good job on a Canon Mk 3 1.4x of mine. I would happily send other stuff of mine there.

Hope you can get it sorted.

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Sadly not.

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Probably the same chaps that LCE Soton sent my lens to.
It came back in fine order!

@Alley_Cat - they’re easily found via Goggle.


Mk 1, yes EF mount - I’ve not actually enquired with Canon but read they won’t repair the Mk 1 on a few sites.

Thank you.

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Does not reflect well on Canon, does it…?

Not as if L Series lenses are/were ‘cheap’.

Can’t be bovered…


I may enquire directly but have read on a few sites that they no longer service/repair this lens.

A darned shame - as a hobbyist investing in reasonably expensive glass (all relative of course) it’s a bit frustrating that this is a known problem, and that the replacement presumed non-OEM ribbon cable is $3-$4 on ebay.

Started watching a video of a chap’s DIY repair - would rather let someone who does this regularly handle it - maybe 20 years ago I’d have had a go, but eyesight/dexterity are 20 years worse!

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I had a 100-400L serviced by Canon UKin 2022, but it was only 2 1/2 years old. I know my brother-in-law had a couple of lenses serviced/repaired by them not many years ago, and I’m pretty sure one was a EF 24-105 f/4L IS (not the 2.8). I remember because it was a lens we had in common, and as a workhorse lens he had two so would never be without. I also recall him saying they were good, and sensibly priced (which is why I didn’t hesitate tk use them later myself). But I think his was the Mk1, and it would have been several years before COVID

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Being Generous…

Perhaps its akin to Naim and their older CD players…? They WANT to repair them - but either cannot get or struggle to get parts…?

Repair Parts being ‘readily available’ on eBay, does not give the full picture maybe…?

Maybe Canon have zero stock… and don’t want to use eBay parts…?

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I got a shock when Canon launched the EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM Mk III. The price was £13k. That wasn’t the shock.

The shock was that they would only support it for ten years.

I chose the best example of the Mk I that I could find. Mine is from 2007 so I crossed my fingers too.

But this is irrelevant to @Alley_Cat who just wants his lens fixed.


As you said Bristol not to far away BLACK ON WHITE
camera repair shop
Clifton, Bristol

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Having had both, the mkII is much better optically, although I preferred the way the mkI zoomed ‘within’ the lens hood, rather than extending.

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You’d think if it was a known design issue after a few years (ribbon cable apparently has to effectively concertina/stretch as the lens barrel changes length for zoom causing wear and tear) they’d have stockpiled large amounts of a relatively inexpensive part, even if they charged a premium price for it down the line. I’d imagine the labour/skill replacing it would be the main cost in any event.

Sadly the newer mirrorless/more compact designs and leaps forward in mobile phone cameras for the average person have made camera/lens repairers less viable as a business.

I’ve not actually contacted Canon to ask if they can repair but read they no longer work on the Mk I version after Googling the fault (which gives a vague error telling you to clean the contact pins on the camera body).

Outside chance I’m wrong I suppose but have a few good suggestions to follow up.

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