Can't log into tidal on naim app

After a spell of using a separate streamer, i wish to go back to using the streamer in my N-272. However, the naim app won’t allow me to log in to tidal. It just keeps saying, can’t log in, client not found…

Has anyone any idea what’s going on, or how to sort this…please?



Can you log in to the Tidal app or web player ok?

Try a password reset within the Tidal app.

Uninstall then reinstall Naim App and try again.

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Yeah i can log into the tidal app ok and I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the naim app.


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Is this potentially the Tidal login problem that the 4.8 firmware was released to address? I’m not sure which Naim models this affected but just worth a check.

Was going to suggest the same thing; needs firmware 4.8. .”client not found” suggests it’s attempting to use the old id/ pwd login, and not oauth2.

Could be because my N-272 is still running the original firmware and hasn’t had a firmware update because i was using it as preamp only.

Ok, you guy’s are great.

What’s the best way to update to the latest firmware to my N-272?

I can’t work a computer, except for surfing the web, although i believe my dealer would do it, no probs.


The good news is that it’s not difficult to do the firmware update, although if you haven’t done one before you need to read the instructions very carefully. And you can go directly to 4.8 from whatever your 272 is on in one go. No need to put any intermediate firmware in first.

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If you are anything like my dad, you might want to talk to your dealer. :blush:I’ve never done one myself but would have a go. Depends on how you feel after perusing the instructions of course.

Well in that case do get your dealer to do it!

My wife’s pretty handy on a laptop.

Where are the instructions for the update?

Naim originally expected dealers to do these updates for their customers as they are a little more complicated than usual. You need a suitable USB cable and you need to download the right driver to your computer. Just follow the instructions which accompany the download exactly to the letter and it should be fine.
The first time, it will seem a little daunting. After that, it will seem simple.

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Scroll down and you will see the update. As mentioned before you just need 4.8.

The instructions are here:

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