Can't Turn Off Multiroom

I had a weird problem which has recently appeared.

I could start multiroom OK but couldn’t seem to stop it. Each other device (not the master) seemed locked in Multiroom ready and can only be controlled/sourced from the master.

I tried taking off the multiroom devices on the master, turning off the master, turning off the other, restarting the app etc etc.

Eventually, I found that all I needed to do was select another input on the other devices and all was fine.

I’ve used multiroom many times over the years and was easily able to turn it off on the master device.

I think the confusion is caused by the message ‘Multiroom Ready - Start Multiroom audio from master’ on the other devices.

Am I just too thick to cope with the ‘advances’ in the Naim app?

Had the same issue. Multiroom locked on the second Mu-so. Odd and frustrating.

Strangely had the same problem for the first time a couple of days ago.

This is a feature not a bug. Once you start multiroom from whichever you decide is master, the chosen other streamers stay in multiroom. But you can take one out by selecting another input in the slave streamer in question. That’s the way it works.

Or am I misunderstanding your problem?

I’ve just checked this. If I add a slave from the master, I can access the master via the app and turn the slave on and off. The slave is locked on multiroom but can be stopped without accessing the master by changing input. This seems entirely sensible.

The issue is as the OP wrote. It’s not how it used to be. The app is locked for the second device in multiroom mode after the master releases it from multiroom duties.

The problem I had was that nothing would get it out of multiroom - it could not be switched off and the input could not be changed (even if the Master was in standby). OTOH I did not try sorting it out via the app and, after a power off reboot, all seems well now anyway.

I never said it was a bug. To me something has changed from what it used to be. My expectation was that if Multiroom was stopped from the master then the others could be controlled normally. Actually, that is how it is but it is the Multiroom ready message which confused me.

It is the ‘locked’ message which caused my confusion. If I had ignored that then I would not have been confused and would simply have selected another input, preset or playlist. IIRC, before this recent update, it was only necessary to stop multiroom from the master to disengage the other devices.

You can still do it from the master, simply by unticking the slave in the app. If you want to do it from the slave you need to change its input.

I’ve never had this problem b/c I always use the app to take the slave out of multi-room or just power down the slave.

What I find irritating is that My 272 and Muso V1 both stream hires sources via upnp, iRadio, etc in stand alone. But neither can stream hires sources via multi-room. I assume this is a legacy streamer problem but not sure.

Yes, it’s a limitation of 1st gen streamers. (The limit is actually 24/48 in WAV and FLAC, but as most 24 bit material is 24/96 that limits is to 16/44.1 in practice.) I guess the processing power required to take the incoming stream, process it, play it locally and send it to up to 4 other devices would be the limiting factor here.

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Is it accurate to say that as long as one of the devices (slave or master) is a legacy streamer that hi res multiroom will not work? I ask b/c I plan on getting a Muso v2 in the coming months but since my 272 is legacy it still won’t likely be able to multi-room hi res.

If the master is new platform and the slave is old platform, it will work. I just checked and my NDX2 can play high res and multiroom happily with a Qb1.

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You’ll be fine as long as you use the Muso as master.

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OK, so the master has to be the new platform. So if I’m playing hi res files from the muso v2 and using multiroom would you expect the SQ to be different through the 272 vs playing the hi res files directly from the 272?

It’s my understanding that the slave plays in a compressed format, so lesser quality. I may be wrong on that and/or it may have changed with the new platform.

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I tried that and it doesn’t work. However, that is certainly how it used to be.

Well, it worked here because I checked it yesterday before posting.

You will be able to Multiroom Hi Res from the Muso V2. The master transcodes the music source into a 320kbps MP3 stream which is what is played by the others. The old devices simply didn’t have the processing power/speed to transcode from any source with a rate above 48k.