Car insurance 🙁

Just had my car insurance renewal email. It’s gone up from a reasonable £360 to just over £500 ! After a few years of decent prices with my current insurer, it’s time to look around again.

I would have thought with the pandemic, less traffic around and less miles covered, accidents would be down and premiums reducing but that doesn’t seem to be the case (for me anyway)

Anyone else finding insurance prices going in the wrong direction ?

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Yeah mine has gone up to…hardly used the car! Not by that much though, going to have a look around before renewal

Every. Single. Year.

I reach for my favourite price comparison website and change provider annually. Scalping for the price hike must make a better return than rewarding loyalty in this market.


I’m with a firm that uses a red phone as a symbol and they’ve been offering discounts for lower pandemic milage

If you’ve had that sort of rise, shop around but remember decent insurance brokers have access to markets such as Lloyds or small broker orientated companies .

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Car insurance rates have dropped, your company are ripping you off assuming you haven’t had a claim! Mine went DOWN at renewal this year having saved a bundle of cash moving it last year. Good idea to check on one of those comparison sites!

I was pleasantly surprised that my 21 year old daughter got insured on a new Ford Puma fully comprehensive for £400. With or without no claims added in……seems a bit of a lottery

Definitely shop around. We should all be doing it routinely because as far as I can see, the big insurance companies do not support loyalty.

Having said that, I got a reduction in my premium for the third year in a row. I use a broker, but they’ve kept me with the same company for the last five years since I got my current vehicle.

I renewed recently and couldn’t remember the date of the silly prang I had a few years ago so put 5 years NCB just to complete the quote. When it came to buying it I’d checked and it was 4 years not 5 so adjusted it accordingly; the premium dropped by about £7.


My belief is that 2 or 3 insurance companies take it in turns in being cheap for a year, then they up their prices for the next 5 years or so.

So comparison websites are your friend annually

Mine has gone up by fifty quid; now c. £350. However since the new car costs 4K more than the old one and also it’s now parked in the street (garaged before) I didn’t think that was bad.

My premium had also gone up this year but I phoned my insurer and informed them that I had found a cheaper deal elsewhere and they duly entered a few discount codes and reduced the price. Wishing you a lovely day.

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Just renewed mine and premium slightly lower this year. However, I noticed a new clause inserted to the effect that they will not pay out for theft unless I fit and activate a vehicle tracker.:confused:

Has your age crossed into a new ‘bracket’ or something else changed/ Most policies have dropped a little; mine did by about 10%.

Shop around. loyalty earns you nothing with insurers.



I play the Car Insurance Game every year.
Get the quote,
check online,
see it is £30-£40 cheaper
phone up,
get the cheaper price.
At the end I always say how nice it will be to do this all again next year.
Responses have ranged from, ‘no, no no we’ll never do this again,’ to ‘look forward to speaking to you in eleven months and a week.’


I get my insurance where the Nations farmers get theirs - my loyalty is rewarded each year, small drop in price each time, but still ‘a drop’ :relaxed:

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Interesting that insurance ‘professionals’ star in virtually every top 10 of the most hated or distrusted occupations you can find on the net! What a surprise :rofl::rofl:

Rules change at the end of this year in the UK. Insurers will no longer be able to provide same cover at lower prices for new customers, or higher prices for existing customers, whichever way you want to look at it.

Well meaning legislation I’m sure but it simply means we’ll all have to pay more in reality and the efforts of those who do take time to look at their options will now yield lesser benefits I suspect.

NFU do get consistent and strong ratings for their cover. However I’m not a fan of some of the company’s practices, with very high sales incentives in place for staff in many of their divisions and strong punishments for those who don’t sell enough. Something of a throwback.


That’s good to know

One more thing, apparently the magic time to hit the comparisons site is 21 DAYS before it runs out. So suggest you put in a calendar entry to remind you of your car and house insurance!

The Martin Lewis Money Supermarket has some good advice about using a number of price comparison sites. My existing insurer reduced my renewal by £100 after I found cheaper quotes .

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Looks like it’s the usual lottery. I’m going to try a local broker first for a change and see what they come up with.

Cheers all