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I have had NAIM gear for the last 10 years.

Can someone please explain to me why the accessories such as the blanking plugs and cables are so expensive. I need to buy a blanking plug for my NDAC and the price is 110 pounds… You have got to be kidding me.
This is just price gouging- there will be many of you who will leap to Naim’s defence- but really… this just clear profiteering from a passionate and dedicated user base.

NAIM- please explain.


110 pounds is cheap for something made in small batches with a small market by people on decent contracts.

We all got used to cheap stuff made in the east, but someone is paying the price.



£110 is not cheap for a plastic/metal pin plug. Decent contracts are not the real point here. Using vague references to dramatic, world-wide social and economical issues to justify the mere fact that Naim’s owners are now discouraging servicing and spare parts’ availability to maximize profits and minimize commitment is only a sideways way to equal what the OP called ‘leaping to Naim’s defense’.

Look patiently on 2nd hand auction sites. You surely have noticed that the audio market has not so recently spit in two - on the one hand, super rich who buy everything and understand nothing, on the other hand normal people who rely on 2nd hand. Prices have less and less to do with reality. Be patient and give up understanding current times, they are not made for us.



I think part of the price problem here, is that Naim only sell even “low value” spare parts such as this through dealers rather than direct, so the dealer, who is used to higher value products, is taking a fair cut of that price for their effort/time.

I have just ordered a link plug for a NAC272 from my local Naim dealer, so in the same boat. As i just realised that the NAC272 i bought second hand a few years ago from Nintronics was shipped to me with an NDX/ND5XS link plug (which has a few pins missing in comparison to a 272 plug). Teach me not to buy from a non-Naim dealer!

I did not realise before as i was using the 272 with an XPS.

What’s wrong with a square inch of black insulation tape….???….no one can see it, it will do the job and you’ll have the rest (99%) of the roll to amuse yourself with other activities …

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Well, if a company needed to build a plug to order it means that someone needs to check whether the plastic plug is still in stock. If not, it needs to be ordered. If its still there or when its delivered or produced, the person needs to lookup the correct plug configuration, and apply the correct wiring, do the welding, package it up, send it to the dealer and the dealer needs to forward it to the customer. Labour is expensive and therefore I think that GBP 110 is actually a loss for Naim to produce the plug.

I don’t believe that Naims owners are greedy here and want to squeeze the last penny out of ones wallet.

I completely agree to your second hand suggeestion and perhaps it works to give some dealers a ring and see what they can do.


Its a link plug, not a blanking plug. There’s actually electronics involved.


OP said blanking plug

Indeed. Leaving out detail to exaggerate the situation.

I need a link plug for my Nait 5, its about 25 GBP + postage. Fair price again.

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Shop around……as The Miracles once sang !

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I need the link plug so that I can give the Nait 5 & CD 5 to my father. He’s alone now and needs some man stuff.


That’s very kind and a good gesture ……

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My children just give me headaches !!!

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Mine too. The Nait 5 is for the surround speakers so the kids have to live without surround sound for a while.

Nothing to explain. No defence necessary. Product in question was discontiuned > 6 years ago. The spare(s) have been stocked at a cost to Naim. Item - link plug not blanking - was originally shipped with the unit from the factory. As @Ardbeg10y says not expensive.

Alternative: - Naim simply don’t stock every conceivable accessory - note accessory - for products. Naim have a great record of servicing almost everything ever made, except mechanical parts, which are often now unavailable. However costs are rising significantly, beyond their control. It’s a very fast changing world, so this is reality.


That’s the key point. The nDAC should have come with its Link Plug.

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It’s the first 110 bucks for an external power supply :slight_smile:

I suspect just links between particular pins. If you knew what… But it is against forum rules to go any further.

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A replacement puck for my CD555 cost over £250. Gladly paid it, as the CD555 was, and still is, a gem.

A link plug was of course supplied with the nDac when new, and should have been included with any nDac bought secondhand. It’s not exactly price gouging as a new one is only needed if an owner loses the original.