CB Nap 250 for Dynaudio?

I am planning on picking up a set of Dynaudio contour 1.4s this weekend and realize my current system of Nac 32.5, and Nap 110 will not be optimal to drive them. The Dyns are not very efficient 85db at 4 ohm. Would an upgrade a CB NAP 250 work with these speakers or should I be looking for something else ?

I use a CB 250 with Dynaudio Contour 1.8 Mk 2s on my second system. Drives them nicely so you should be fine with the 1.4s I think.

Any 250 will be a big jump up from your 110, and I suspect a CB model will be fine, although the later 250.2 and 250DR are better still at driving a demanding load.

Thanks Dynaudio1 for your input. I was starting to have 2nd thoughts if I should get the speakers at all. I really enjoy the nac/ nap combo I currently have and was hoping not to have a complete change of amp and pre when I switched .
ChrisSU- In what you think will be better with the 250 besides more power over the 110 ? I am also sure the 250.2 and Dr are great amps but was hoping to stay with the CB aesthetics.

The obvious benefit of a 250 is it’s extra power, which gives it the ability to drive more demanding speakers, produce more low end drive, and continue to perform well at high volumes where a lesser amp might run out of steam.
The 110 is a great amp too, but I think you’ll find that if you were to listen to loud rock music through those Dynaudios, the 250 would be a far better choice.

That 's what I am hoping for. I am still a newbie with all of the different Naim series. Would the 250-2 be compatible with my preamp( I think it is actually a 32 not 32.5 ) if I decided to go that route ? They might be easier to source .

I think a 250 of any generation will be fine. However, I once had the 1.4s on home demo, I so wanted to like them and I’m sure in the right home they’d be superb, but I couldn’t give them the space they so obviously required.

Good luck.

I had a pair of Contour S1.4 some time ago, and used a Classic 250-2 with it. That was a great combination, so I imagine a CB 250 will also work really well.

A 250.2 would certainly work. Whether or not you prefer it to an older (Chrome Bumper or Olive) 250 you would only find out by listening.
Either way, remember that you’ll need a Hicap to power your preamp, as a 250 can’t do that.

I use the Nac 32 with a snaps. So I assume I should be ok if I went with a 250-2. This CB set is the first I have ever owned . I have been really enjoying the sound. Maybe more than my previous set up of a SN2 with a hicap. Would the 250-2 lean more towards that sounds ? Thanks everyone for your input.

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Yes, 32/SNAPS is fine with a 250. A Hicap is an upgrade on the SNAPS, but you need an uprated NAC 32.5 or another more recent NAC to take advantage of it.

I have older Dynaudio speakers, what I understood about them was that despite being rated at 4ohm, they were relatively easy on the amp because that impedance was quite consistant over the frequency range. I use them with a 250DR and they sound great and go loud. Best wishes Amer

I have two sets of Dynaudio speakers presently and have owned others over the years and I am a big fan. The Contour 3.4 I have in my main system have been driven by every 250 from bolt down to 250DR and my least favourite was the 250-2 and my favourite the DR with BD, CB & Olive all excellent but of course the Pre and PSU play a huge part.

Higher rated power is not always better the stands, the position and of course the room all play a big part too. I’ve used much higher rated non Naim amps with varying degrees of success but have returned to Naim to the humble SN2 (no hicap) and am very happy.

Bottom line 32/Snaps/250 is a cracking system and I’m very confident will be a great match with the Dyns even the 32/110 might surprise you just spend some time with set and positioning.

What older Dyns? I’m not sure where you heard that DYns are easy on amps, but it’s new to me and I’ve had Dyns for 25+ years.

Modern Dynaudios are not so easy on amps in my experience. A 250DR will drive a lot of them nicely. Contours are probably fine; however, others beyond that need the big guns. I have Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum. I used a 250DR with them at first and while that sounded OK, they didn’t shine like they were meant to until I upgraded to a 300DR. I now consider that a minimum for that range. Even the latest Contour 60i benefit best from something like a 300DR.

The older Contour S1.4 and S3.4 do pretty well with a 250DR.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. THis site has been a tremendous resource. I am going to go take a listen tomorrow and see what I think. If I do get them I will definitely try it out with the 32/110 and update my findings.

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Just a quick update. Listen to the speakers and was very impressed with the sound . Unfortunately I discovered damage to one corner of the speaker cabinets and decided to not to get them. So I will continue to look and I the mean time maybe I can find a CB250.

Hi, Josquin, mine are Audience 50’s pretty old floor standers and have a stated max wattage of 70. Have used them very loud at parties, being careful not to overload them because the 250 produces more than 70 watts. Best wishes Amer

You are referring to efficiency and he was referring to their impedance load. Up until recently, Dynaudio had always used an impedance correction circuit within their crossovers to keep the impedance as flat as possible. This avoids large dips in impedance which would put a more demanding load on the amp at certain frequencies.

My understanding of 85 dB @ 2.83V/1m means they are only 82 @1V/1m (being the more common unit of measurement - anyone more technical here please feel free to correct me on all this). My 2009 Dyns are 88 dB @ 2.83V/1m and worked reasonable well with my olive 250, but they really shine with more power.

I did purchase a set of contour 1.4 and they arrived today. I only was able to get a brief listen but the 110 seem to have no problems driving them at all. I was at about 80db with the volume set 2 . Could only imagine what a 250 or set of 135 would do. Will report back when . I get some more listening time in.