CB Nap160 Replacement Bulb

The on/off switch bulb has gone on my CB Nap160 - can anyone recommend a suitable replacement please, ideally a compatible longer life LED type perhaps ??


See here;


These exist and are available. I fitted one & it worked fine.

Probably best to get advice from @NeilS here…

Following, as I need one too, for a Bolt Down version.

They are available from Farnell in the UK. Search for 1505465W3D.

I have them in my 135s.


i am not sure that the “bulb” for the NAP160 is the same than thoose for NAP135/NAP250 (that might be bigger)

The switch is the same - AFAIK - so I would expect the bulb to be the same too.

YMMV, etc

depending if it’s a CB or a BU.
i think that thoose for 160BU and 250BU a shorter lamp is required

Mine went too last year some time. Tom Tom Audio stock them, though I can’t remember which one is correct for the CB160, but they will be able to advise you.

Incidentally before I got round to ordering one the bulb started working again after I had to dismantle my system for some renovation work. It has now stopped working again but I am happy with it and haven’t bothered replacing it!

The sound is better without the light, if that matters.


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