Cd boards

Hello again, I am still on the hunt for pre amp and source, I wondered if it is possible to hard wire links in the pre amp rather than straight cd boards, obviously I would not attempt this and would probably ask when I get the intended pre amp serviced, I only ask as quite a few early 72s don’t have a dedicated cd input, any thoughts alternatives or ideas, regards Neil.

Instead of NA326 line level boards, Alternatively you can use short jumper leads with gold tags - like cartridge leads.

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Or get the broken links remade when it goes for service. Its what I’ll get Darran to do when my 72 ( no 2) heads north shortly.

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Hello, I can’t get the boards repaired as the pre amp I am looking at has none, and the straight through boards are pretty rare hence my suggestion of wire links, this would bring pre amps with no cd input into the equation, hope this explains, regards Neil.

You can, as the links I’m talking about are on the motherboard. They will be broken if boards were fitted. If no boards have ever been fitted the links should be intact.
If you have an early 72 then these use a second set of bncs rather than DIN inputs. But, if its never had boards fitted the links should be intact. If not, get them remade.

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Use the tuner input or tape input (assuming you don’t use a tuner or tape).

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Hello again, I have admitted I’m a bit ignorant regarding the inside of naim preamps but I assumed that the tape or tuner inputs are attenuated hence the straight through boards, perhaps it’s best if I just obtain the pre amp and send it for service and ask about options, I was just trying to sort my options asking people on the forum who have a lot more experience than I do, and hopefully saving me from expensive mistakes, I suppose having to start afresh makes things more difficult, thanks for advice, regards Neil.

I’ve always understood that the straight through board, as a substitute for the phono input, was identical to the tuner and tape inputs. As Fatcat says, if you don’t have a tuner then simply connect the CD player to that input.

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Hello again
I was always under the misconception that the phono need boards installed ie m/m or m/c to actually get anything out of the pre amp the same for the tape buffer boards, originally way in the past when dinosaurs roamed the earth the naim dealer supplied and set up,my original kit, this time I’m doing it myself as I really want the olive series, hence all my questions, thanks for all assistance it is helping I have a shopping list in place, regards Neil.

Well there is an assumption here. And that if using the input for a TT that you are using an external phono stage. In which case you can connect to any input. If using the dedicated bnc or rca input then you will either need a NAC 326 straight through boards or the link reinstated. If you are using an external phono stage.
Or, put a pair of 323? Boards in 9f using a MM cartridge and no external phono stage.

Hi, I was going to use the bnc connections so as advised will either obtain 326 boards or during intended service get links reinstated, that’s another obstacle sorted, thank you for help.

Good luck with finding 326 boards!

Hello, yes I appreciate as rare as hens teeth, I live in hope, eternal optimist, good thing I’m not in a rush taking my time to source items I want. Regards Neil.

He doesn’t want to connect a turntable to the 72, he wants to connect a CD player.

That makes it really simple then. And maybe the links are not even broken.

Hi yes sorry for not making myself clear I only intend to use cd as a source, I just wanted to know the best input to the pre amp to get best sound quality, thanks Neil.

I don’t see what’s wrong with simply using the tuner input, which requires no expense or fiddling.

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Yep. Not sure of the need for additional complication as there is only one source. Tuner input will be fine.

I guess the OP wants to pair it with an old cd player for which cd boards are beneficial.

If it is a soft / analogue sounding player the normal inputs will be fine.

I’m just repeating my understanding, I have a 72 but no old player (yet!)

Do you mean the 328 boards which had a level control and a bit of filtering ?

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