CD player for occasional

I’m gong to get hundreds classical cd’s from my father, who passed away last week…
In memory of him I want to purchase a CD player to add to my Superuniti to share his love for music and enjoy his great collection.
I was thinking of a used cd5 of Rega Apollo.
Because I do my listening mainly from vinyl and streaming from my NAS, I don’t want to spend too much on it. But considering I might upgrade from my beloved Superuniti in due time, it should be rather good.
Please share me your thoughts and advice.
Thanks, Jan

buy a playstation 1, schp-1002 model.

I presume you’ve thought of the option of ripping them all, and listening from your NAS, saving the cost of CD player? And if you don’t have a computer or other ripping capability, that would be a cheaper option - and have other uses!)

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Yes, that was my first thought off course. But ripping 700+ CD’s is a bit of a job…

No more than playing them, at least if you just accept their metadata.

Understand what you are saying and I know it’s more of an emotional thought but when it comes to music I rather want to play from a physical source as I do with my records. Difficult to explain but thanks for your thoughts.


Have you thought of ripping the CDs and using the money you’d have spent on a CD player to upgrade the SU? If the functionality of the SU is sufficient, a 272/250DR would be a massive improvement. It’s a move I made nearly five years ago. Then you’d hear both your father’s, and your own music sounding so much nicer. That would surely be a better tribute.


Sorry for your loss. Others here will tell you what you should do.


CD 5sx superb cd player.

Thanks HH, that is a great way to put it (sorry 4my english, not a native…).
In the longer run that would be the best option when sence prevails.
Appriciate your thoughts!

Hi Jan,
I’m sorry for your loss of your father and understand why you might want to play the physical discs which are such a tangible reminder of him.

I can vouch for the Naim CD5. I had at one time and it could very suitable. Though I didn’t ever own a CD5i, from what I read here, it could also be suitable, perhaps with a less polished presentation than the CD5, if that makes any sense.

The Rega you mention is unknown to me.


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Thanks Chris for understanding.
Both your’s and HH’s advice are the choices I have and are both a good option.
At this moment I don’t know which one to make so the best is to rest it a while perhaps…

Never just accept the metadata. I’ve ripped 1500+ cd’s and more than I’m happy about needed muscling into place. In the long run it’s worth scrutinising the metadata.

I can understand you wanting to maintain and respect his legacy
But I have to ask the question
Do you actually like classical music??

If you are not really a fan…you will no doubt play the odd CD …but not hundreds

That thought should surly be the basis of your decision

Silly question, and maybe not a time you want to think about it, but the obvious solution if acceptable to the rest of the family, if The CDs you will be having are all of your late father’s, then any possibility you could also have his CD player as well? Then you’d have the same playing process as he had, and the same sound quality of source, even if not test of system. If not have outright, have on a periodic share basis perhaps?

And my apologies for ploughing straight in before, not registering all of your post: my hearfelt condolences. It will be a difficult time for you, now and for weeks and months to come. The one thing I can say with certainty is that the pain and sense of loss do ease. Hopefully the CD collection will give you a tangible lasting pleasant reminder of him, even if you end up only retaining a selection. My mother lives on in my enjoyment of music, she having been the person who introduced me to music in the first place, and inheritance from her funded part of my system, so I see, and hear, every day.


Good question but yes, I have a lot of classical music myself on cd but even more on records😉

Thanks IB and no problem. We share the same emotion and legacy of our parents.
My father introduced me to classical music when I was more into 80’s pop and jazz, but later on I introduced him into more modern classic like Shostakovich, Arvo Part, Weber, Stravinsky and more which he learned to appreciate. That was great👍
On the player; I want something that better in my current setup. When I choose for that…
Thanks again for your thoughts.

Firstly, sorry for your loss. Having your father’s cd’s collection is going to be roller-coaster of emotions for you. After over 20 years, I still well up whenever I catch something on the radio that reminds me of my late father. Music has a funny way of doing that to you.

Anyway, I have a Rega Apollo R cd player. Bought it used a couple of years ago for cheap and it’s wonderful. You won’t regret buying one and you’ll love listening to it.


Thanks H, music is idd a funny thing and speak often more than words.

Firstly very sorry for the loss of your father.

JDL didn’t specify budget but I was going to suggest the Rega Apollo for occasional use, also it has a digital out for the Superuniti

Cambridge do a CD transport for £400

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