CD Player recommendations

I have just inherited a Naim separates system (nap 250dr, nac 282, hi-cap, napsc, nd5 xs2 and Monitor audio GS20 speakers) that was used with a Linn Sondek LP12 and I am looking for a CD Player to go with it.
Seen that Naim only have one CD Player offering and its a little old now, plus new its a bit too pricey for me.
I don’t want to spend too much say £500 max, but at the same time want something half decent. Willing to explore second hand options.
Also, unsure whether to use get a CD Transport and use the DAC in the ND5 XS2?



With a £500 budget your best bet is probably to make the most of the DAC you have with the ND5XS2, so I would be looking at a decent transport. Plenty of choice secondhand - a Meridian 500 would be a top performer and leave you with some change. Even better, its RC5 control system means you can remote control it just as if it was a Naim player with your existing NARCOM remote.


Or rip all your CDs to a memory stick/disk drive/ NAS.

Or just stream from Tidal/Qobuz?

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Audiolab CDT’s will fit your budget and many forum members run them, myself included (7000CDT) through the DAC in your streamer as you indicated.


I strongly recommend you to choose stream instead of cd player…

maybe you can try tidal ,it’s amazing


This recent post might be of interest, though it doesn’t explore £500 options:

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I did rip everything using a vortexbox that I setup. However, I am not that happy with how some of it turned out. As far as I know I set it to FLAC and the best settings but I could tell that the CD did sound better than the rip. Plus half of the album art/track names etc didn’t come through and I gave up trying to sort them out.

But that was many, many years ago. So if I decided to rip them all again, what is best way of doing it?
I have seen hardware options from Brennan, Naim and Bluesound but not sure they are any good?

There are countless threads on this forum discussing the pro and con of Cd players, transports etc and suggestions.
Have you done a search to see the information already here?


Try dbPoweramp on a PC or Mac.

Hell - why, why, why is it whenever someone asks for advise on a CDP the streaming zealots steam in? Arghhhh!

Richard’s suggestion for a Meridian is spot on, if not there are several Sony ES players and Denon 1520s on the usual auction site.

Good luck.


Why not? It’s a low cost option. Perhaps not for everyone, but it should still be considered as a possibility.

P.S. I dislike being labelled as a zealot.

An advantage of streaming services is that it allows listening to a variety of music that might otherwise be overlooked or avoided. If you find something you really like, the CD can be purchased - or the vinyl - or a Hires download :sunglasses:

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Look the OP has a streamer, if he’d wanted advice on dB power amp or NAS drives he would have asked for it, he wants a CD player, it happens everytime.


You may dislike the ‘zealot’ tag, but you are substituting your opinion on what the OP should do (stream), rather than answer his - very clear - request for advice on which sub-£500 CD player to buy.

Speaking personally, I have no interest at all in streaming, so I was interested to see which CD player Members might recommend.


Agreed on that one. I’m aware streaming is a solution, but I’m just not interested. Anything that relies on the internet spells trouble in my mind
Happy to use Tidal with headphones as a mobile solution, but that’s as far as it goes.
To the point, why not secure a pre loved Naim CD5si? £ 500 will secure a nice one


@M4rky – if you’re looking for a good sub-£500 CD player (or a transport), then go for a Marantz CD 6007. These are fantastic machines for the money (about £350-£379 new) with great design and superb build quality. These machines (available in black or silver) are so well built they’ll last for years and are relatively easy to repair. They have good internal DACs, but attach an external unit and it’ll be even better!

Much better value than the Naim (sorry Naim).


Thanks for your opinion.

Note that I responded to a direct question on CD ripping.

Rotel make some good CDP’s in your range (they always have), this one is £549.

I heard a Mark 1 ‘tribute’ one of these which I think you can still find for about £2-300. It was super.


No, I’m just offering a possible low cost solution. I’m not telling him that this is the best or only way. He didn’t want to spend too much money. So my suggestion is valid.

Except that it’s not what the OP asked for. He might just as well buy a second or third hand Rega or Thorens TT.

(I’m done here.)