CD Player recommendations


if you haven’t sorted it yet, my suggestion is to follow Richard Dane’s suggestion.

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Wholeheartedly seconded. And I add that I have tried ripping/streaming (ND5 XS2, Bricasti M3) and Qobuz and still prefer by far playing CDs on my TEAC VRDS-9.

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@M4rky I use a CDT 6000 through the digital input of a Supernait. I would assume the DAC in your much newer ND5 XS2 to be equal or superior to the Supernait’s. (I can already hear teeth grinding as many people think little of the SN dac - I love it). So I would definitely go for a transport.

And since unsolicited advice is clearly appreciated in this thread, here’s mine: I’ve never heard the GS20 speakers but given their price level vs the very serious kit you inherited, I think you have a lot of upside potential if you go on the hunt for a good speaker match. I went though many trials and en ended up with B&W 702 Signatures, rarely recommended here but absolutely bliss for my room / ears / preferences.


Not mine. I have incessantly praised the SN’s DAC. I’m happy to finally read of someone else’s content…


To Use Atom or ND5 with CDT.

Well the ND5 is a dedicated source, whereas the Atom is also an amplifier. If I had both I’d test to see which I prefer. If I didn’t have that luxury, I’d definitely choose the ND5.

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Interesting that you should mention speakers.
I have been thinking that the sound doesnt seem quite right. Some of it is to do with the placement if the speakers as i have had to fit them into the existing living room where i could.
But, i did think that the bass was lacking a bit and sometimes the mids would get muddy with heavy guitar music.
The system really did not like James Blake - limit to your love.
Your B&W speakers look lovely. Always liked the sound from B&W.
Maybe an upgrade in the future, but need to work out where in the house i can finally put the hifi. Thinking of converting the garage, but its quite small. Or using the summer house, but that will require new windows and doors along with some extra insulation…

I’ve looked at Atoll MD100, CD100 and have just ordered a DR100 transport to use with my NSC 222 or the other stuff that I have available.
Frenchmade, Teac drive and trayloading. That makes it for me anyway.



Why not a Teac itself?


Is the Teac VRDS T1 any good? Seen these 2nd hand within budget but a few reviews have said its internals are iffy?!

The TEAC PD-505T and VRDS-701T are the current transports and they are anything but iffy.


Dunno personally but it’s got good reviews and Teac aren’t renowned for being shabby.

I have the smaller cousin, the 505T, in my study system feeding a Qutest into a Nait 50 and it’s pretty good imo.

Just wondered, given the potential of going for a Teac drive/drawer anyway…?!

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When doing a web search for teac vrds t1 this cones up at the top: VRDS-T1

Would explain why i can find used T1s for way less than any other VRDS model

Ah, hadn’t twigged you were asking about the T1. It’s ancient in relative terms and surely you’re thereby taking on a machine that’s at risk of a fail any time about now!

I love the sound of Cyrus players but at my holiday house I am using a Panasonic (I think) DVD player with a digital out to my amp that has digital inputs.
Not too bad for a system that I use about 6 weeks a year and no worries about a holiday tenant breaking it.

It was one of two alternatives. I sent two e-mails to the Teacdistributor, but no reply within reasonable time (weeks). When he finally did respond, I was put off so to say.

Depending on experience and use with the Atoll I may purchase another transport to go with Nait50 in the summerhouse, it may be Teac then, who knows.

Bel Canto CD3T….the quietest transport. Has whisper mode fitted like Blue Thunder.

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Sadly same story here. 1st one replaced as it packed up at three months old without quibble and second one now back to Rega as mech as failed at about a year old. My brand new Aethos had to go back three times to sort out a sticking volume control when warm.
They sound great when working but have now had 9 trips to the dealer to deliver faulty kit or pick up once repaired.
The aftersales and warranty back are great which is just as well in the circumstances!
Beginning to get very disillusioned with the reliability issues with Rega gear much as I love the product this is pretty poor.

I just played that James Blake song. It’s as if there’s a real piano in my room and that oscillating bass part nearly knocked the fillings out of my teeth.

For me speaker choice is about 2 things: 1) the overall sound characteristics (and looks, let’s be honest) and 2) how well they match with your equipment and room. When choosing my 702’s I had a long session at my hifi shop comparing many brands to try and eliminate any biases I had gained over the past 30 years and to me B&W just sounds “right”. I actually had a Hegel amp when I bought them and ended up finding it too clean, no fun.

I picked up a Supernait 1 (owned an SN3 before) and it blew me away with the 702’s. Added Gaia feet (best upgrade I ever made), really put time into speaker placement and I finally caught the dragon I had been chasing for decades.

I don’t think you would need to change anything in your electronics, what you have is absolutely outstanding and capable of sonic magic. Have fun on finding the right room and speakers to match - the journey is as much fun as the end result!


I have a Little Dot CD Transport for occasional use and it’s pretty good, prob v affordable now if you can find one. Plugs into the NDX. Not quite as good as Tidal high res but not bad. Not as good as ripping the CD to my Innuos, but easier than searching through the Innuos library when you’ve forgotten the name of the album but recognise the CD sleeve!