CD player versus Streamer

Dear all,

Do you think it is not up-to-dated in playing CD nowadays? Playing music via streamer seems is the trend now.

Kindly advise.


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Here we go.


Welcome to the forum Patrick. This thread is likely to unleash an almighty bun fight, with those with streamers saying that they are much better and those who still play CDs saying that they prefer CDs and why should they change.

The short answer is that if you prefer the sound of CDs and don’t want to get involved with the computer side of streaming, then sticking with CDs makes sense.

It might be an idea to say what system you have and what your motivation is to ask the question. Do you want to de-clutter? Do you want to rip your CDs? Do you want to use online streaming services such as Qobuz or Tidal? Do you have a budget in mind? And so on.


One word… VINYL!!!

Just saying :innocent:


Well my stream consists off a iPhone with iTunes Bluetooth to a project Bluetooth box that cost 70 quid a 4 years back it let’s me try new sounds/albums out if I like them I’ll either order in vinyl or CD but prefer vinyl to be honest always have done
Pity that in the years when it was not the in thing that some cracking artists just put out CDs and not vinyl


I use a Streamer and have all my CDs ripped to a NAS drive. I also have a top flight CD player and deck.

I use all three, although mostly the streamer.

I really enjoy the mixture of all three sources! If I had to choose one overall would be the streamer because it could do more than the other sources.

But I love my LP12 and CDS3 too! I want it all!


Funnily enough, you could argue that playing records is “the latest thing.”

Getting and keeping streaming working well can take some determination and skill development— all fun if you are that type, as I am. Nobody else in my family is that type — so I get yelled at way more often to fix things now than I ever did in CD years.

Worth it, to me.



Hi Patrick. Over several years I moved from CDs to streaming, both from locally stored music and a subscription to a streaming service (Qobuz). I still have a CD player on the rack, but prefer streaming on grounds of sound quality and convenience. I am not interested in what is or is not up to date or on trend, it just suits me. Others have different preferences and that’s fine as well; it would be very boring if we were all the same.

Can I ask if your query is just academic interest or are you thinking of buying a new system or changing an existing one?



My 272/250DR gets used with a CDS3/XPS2DR playing CDs or for internet radio, but never streaming. I’ve not bothered with the comparison, but maybe someday.


Hi Patrick,

Personally I think CDs are great, virtually indestructible and so easy to use, and none of the faffing with ripping and back ups etc. And my CDS3 sounds great nearly as good as vinyl and frankly computers are best left for porn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But horses for courses, I also have a Muso Qb and Tidal account, easy to use and great for trying stuff.

What system have you got?




…as I prepared to head into retirement a few years back the object was to keep it simple. So CD’s ripped to NAS to feed streamer into integrated amp into speakers. A few years down the road and now retired for 2 months at age 69 I sit with a 4 box system, XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCap DR > SN 2.

…others prefer all three, streamer, CD, and TT.

Lay your money down and enjoy what you have…


Hi patrick,
I cannot comment on the merits of playback from a quality cd player, having never owned one.
I embraced ripping early from a mac feeding a dac for its ease of use and flexibility and see network streaming as an extension and improvement of that. With the addition of subscription services it gives scope to expand my musical experiences that the logistics of physical media do not permit.



My favourite source is the one I’m playing at the time… which is a pain…but a good one I suppose.
I love streaming as I get to hear a wide range of stuff. If its a new band, I will always buy their LP or CD to support them.
I personally wouldn’t say one source is always better than another. I still have CDs and ask for them as Xmas presents. Not dated at all.


I went from cds2/xpsdr to ndx2/xpsdr
Rest of system 01/52/135s/Kudos T88s
Use Qobuz via Naim app on iPad
Advantage of ndx2:

  • listening to almost unlimited different artists, music genres which allows u to explore infinite types of music.
  • other than the cost of Qobuz ($12/month) it’s free (once u have the streamer)
  • sound quality generally equals cd replay - this is what I find in my system. Just like cd’s quality can vary from different albums. Hi res often sounds better, but not always
  • Naim hi res radio. Some great stations with “cd quality sound” - I find I listen to Radio Paradise Mellow Mix majority of the time. My 01 has been essentially unused of late.
  • no need to have 100s of cd’s taking up space. I sold my cds2, still thinking of whether I should get a server and rip my cd’s but prob not.
  • despite what others have experienced, I’ve had zero problems with my 2 month old ndx2 :crossed_fingers:
    I was reluctant to try streaming being a Luddite ( sort of) but learned quickly how things work in streaming world
    Biggest hassle for me with streaming - getting an electrician to run a Ethernet cable from one side of my house to the hifi room as I wanted a wired system. However can do WiFi instead if running long cable not something u want to do.
    Biggest factor- Diacovering NEW MUSIC and not listening to the same cd’s over and over again

Vinyl is soo 2020 :yum: I’m thinking of letting go and start with CDs instead. CDs are like for free compared to vinyl. Getting bored of noisy records and sound quality that except my jazz collection from analogue tapes sounding mediocre at best. And storing a collection rapidly gets challenging. And purchasing expensive copies that has wrong grading.

Will probably get a CD transport since Naim only make CD5si which seems to be behind competition nowadays. Moon 260DT maybe?

I do use streaming the most but there is something about playing a record and not be tempted by listening 5 minutes to 40 albums per evening. There is stress built into streaming IMO. You have access to everything. Still I find myself staring at the app and not wanting to play anything. Music fatigue.


I get over the “ physical copy “ urge with CDs, nice box sets, 3rd copy of the same album remastered or “ new “ Beatles album with 300 demo takes…

Sometimes Japanese copies…

I love CDs and having a big wall from them


Where’s Patrick gone?!!

I’m in the middle of ripping cd’s - I have many more than I realised! Not sure where that will leave the cd player when complete but suspect it will remain due my inherent lack of trust in computers and hard drives (and ignorance!).


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I smell at best a windup here or worst case war mongering…! :thinking:


Have made the decision my CDX2 has to go. I’m currently ripping 1600 CDs to a Zenith 3 and it’s simply not all plain sailing.

So far I’ve managed about 100 cd’s ripped to a statement, lots more to go. Early days and problem-free using default flac format and quiet mode - I have little doubt that something is bound to throw up a challenge before long!