CD Transport to go with NDX 2

Hi all, Having had a few internet outages, and also wanting to be able to listen to my CD collection, has anybody got any recommendations for a CD transport around the £2k mark? I’m looking at the Cyrus range quite eagerly, so how do those match with Naim systems?

All info useful! Thanks…

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No direct experience but the Audiolab 6000 was always well received and the 7000 and 9000 both have tray as opposed to slot mechs.

They would certainly get a listen if I needed one right now.


My brother uses an Audiolab CDT6000 as the transport for his Naim ND5 XS. It is a very good sounding transport.


I’m looking to go AudioLab 7000CDT or 9000CDT in the future.

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Cyrus slot loader is known to be a bit flaky.,

You have a nice Naim line up - any reason not to just simply add a Uniti Core? I still have my Uniti serve in regular use, but the Core is more up to date. Option to add a HDD, so no need for a NAS. You only need to rip a CD once and then they are all available to stream whenever you wish.

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Thanks for the thought. My experience recently tells me that the Naim App doesn’t work when the internet is down! I want the redundancy that I can still listen to music without the internet.

Is that recently? They talk about a new slot loader technology.

Neil you perhaps need to clarify what you mean by the Naim App doesn’t work without internet?
It isn’t my experience - who is your ISP and the router?
I also just revisited your system, so you already have a NAS, so Core SSD and use NAS as a music store.

That’s what I’m doing with the NAS. I have Virgin Business internet and BT whole home WIFI routers.

So two options, because my US works w/o internet (best to pause ripping when no connection because of the lookup), but playing previosuly ripped cds will all work ime.
Core will need to be hard wired, but anywhere will do once connected.
Alternative is to get a cd drive - c£50 and rip using one of the ripper softwares. Do you use pc or Mac?

On the question of app loosing connection, what control point are you using?

That was with the original slot loaders; not the the cdi and other current models like the xr range.
The cdt and new cdt-xr are the 2 current transport only models.

there’s the Primare DD 35CD Transport at around £1700 , the Rega Saturn is at £2,000 and is both player and transport

My CDX2 was serviced and upgraded to a 2.2, it was a one way trip .

Ah to be fair I’ve no experience of Cyrus in the last 5 yrs…so hopefully they have resolved stuck and scratched discs

Internet and wifi are different things.
The internet connection maybe down - but you can still connect to devices on your local network.

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Could opt for a CD player ? you can get a CDS2 + XPS for that amount.
Unless you are worried about box count?

I have my CDS2 straight into my NAC252 - I think it sounds better than my NDX2


It’s funny you should say that…

I generally found Tidal and Qobuz on NDX2 or rips through Core and NDX2 a little bit less engaging than playing the same CD directly on my old CDS2. Adding the XPSDR to the NDX2 removed that preference - since that arrived, multiple listeners have failed to form any view on which is better of the various digital options.

I suspect that the bigger issue for a possible CDS2 buyer in 2023 is that a mech dying next year or the year after may well be irreplaceable, and these are old boxes. Thus, when it first starts to cough, it may die irretrievably soon after.

When that happens to my CDS2, I’ll probably either rip with a Core and give up on direct play for CD or get an Audiolab transport - just like several others here, by the looks of things.


Or just buy another CDS2 when the mech goes? I love the CDS2 and have now had 2 and a CDS3. I regretted selling the first CDS2 so bought a CDS3 and then sold that and regretted it. Now with a CDS2 if it goes wrong I still think I would try to get another or a CD555 or CDS3 again.

The Naim CD players are in some ways more engaging than streaming and I have an NDS with 555PS.

I think you’re right @Willmac the CDS2 is a wonderful machine and a bargain to be had. When it came out it was a very expensive machine. I believe with the XPS it was about £8000 back in 2000.

Didn’t we just have this exact same thread topic? In fact I think that thread is still warm and barely in the ground yet. I’d be going for what I suggested on that thread; brand new TEAC transport. My dealer has one and the build quality was amazing.