CD1 problem


Having set up my hifi after removals finally delivered my system to our new abode in Spain my CD1 is not producing any sound, everything else in the system is working fine.

The disc is turning, the 5 pin to 5 pin din connection to the pre-am seems fine as the speakers make a sound when I connect/disconnect the leads.

I have tried different leads and different inputs to the pre-amp.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Perhaps @Richard.Dane can help, or point you in the right direction.

It sounds like it’s probably either a failed TDA1541A DAC chipset or maybe something in the output stage.

Oddly enough a similar CDI issue just recently…

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Hi Richard, do you think this can be fixed? Thanks, Michael

Probably a question best answered by somebody like @NeilS.

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I will tentatively say that we should be able to fix it currently.
But stock levels of the DAC are crazy low, with zero chance of being able to source more.
I’d advise moving quickly if you wish to persue a repair!



Hi Neil, Would I need to ship the CD1.from Spain to the UK?

If it is a DAC fault then I’m afraid so - the DACs are in such short supply, we wouldn’t want them to go missing in the post or anything!


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Hi Neil, how much is it approx to repair and can look into courier costs from & to Spain. Michael

That’s not really something Neil can comment on here. I don’t know what the distribution situation is like currently in Spain so your best bet is to contact Naim support by email or phone. Details on the website.

From previous posts on the forum. I recall @MikeD is in Spain and might know the setup down there.

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will do, thanks

Thank you Richard,
I can’t stump up funds for a Naim repair

Get the player in for repair man. Either that or lose an absolute classic of a machine. Many more years of musical bliss to come!

It’s a desert. The nearest proper dealer is in France.

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Ma gave me the name of a company in Barcelona but that is over 1,000km…will talk to them to see my options

Naim gave me…

I hope so :slight_smile:

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Naim gave me the name of a distributor in Barcelona but they have not been very responsive. I therefore opted to bring it home as hand luggage and it is now in for repairs in the UK…looking forward to getting it back.