Cd2x issue

Not the start to a Sunday morning and obviously a call to my local dealer tomorrow is likely but maybe the issue is easily fixable. When I lift the puck it sometimes lifts up the circular hub of the platter transport. This has happened occasionally before but now when I insert the hub back into the platter, place a CD onto it and then put the puck back on and close the door, I get a nasty grinding noise as the disc spins and it refuses to play. Any suggestions?

Morning, Sorry to read this. I had a similar issue with my CD5XS in 2019.

I hope your Naim dealer can solve it for you, as mine did with a new part. My player has been been faultless since.

Have been previous threads on the forum about similar.

Same issue here. Focal replaced the whole mechanism. It was suggested on one of the threads that the hub could be stuck back on again, but in fact the whole mechanism has to be replaced. Hope Naim can help you.

Most places won’t go down to the “component” level now to repair a failed assembly. And once the entire assemblies are no longer available, you’re SOL. We appear to be getting to that point now with the NAIM CD players. :frowning:

Some Naim CD players, some of the time, yes. However, Naim have been very good about sourcing genuine new mechs to keep their CDPs going long beyond the point others would have given up - several recent threads with unexpectedly happy owners.

Contact Naim or your dealer to find out the current state of play rather than assuming the forum Eeyores are correct. Chances are best if you’re in the UK, as the OP’s forum name suggests.



A good result for me via my Naim dealer who was prepared to cannibalise the relevant part from an old demo model. Naim parts are, as has been noted by others, very hard to get for the CD2 and sending it to Wiltshire was not thought to be an option.
The better news is the new HiRes Flac streams on Tidal which I can access, albeit on a small number of tunes, via my 272. Let us hope nothing goes wrong on that front as parts for it will become rarer now that the 272 is discontinued.

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