CD5XS hub was pulling off, now fixed and sounding better than ever

Hi All,

The CD hub was detaching from the mechanism of my CD5XS when I pulled off the puck to get the CD out. (Hub is a round bit of metal painted black that the CD sits on).

I would put it back and the next CD in. On start up the servos would whirr a bit and the first few notes would be distorted, then it would settle down.

Eventually I held the detached hub up to the window and discovered a radial hairline crack. Audio-T have today replaced the hub at very modest cost and the player sounds better than it ever has. Tighter, deeper bass, more airy, more bounce, sort of begging the question how long has that hairline crack existed? But not to worry it sounds great now :slight_smile:

So if your hub is pulling off the spindle of your Naim CD player, then have a good look at it and please get it fixed.

Thanks to Naim for the prompt supply of the new part and Audio-T in Soton for a job well done.

Best, Chris


Well, at the very least this confirms the importance of mechanical engineering that is the bedrock of the Naim sound IMO. (This view of Naim garnered from the Naim Muso launch evening where I spent a bit of time chatting to Paul, one of Naim’s mechanical engineers).

But I have the feeling that I may be talking to myself here :wink:

Not at all Chris. You have been using your CD player on a slight limp and have gotten used to it. Your CD player is now in good health and you’re enjoying it even more because you have had a worn part replaced, a very important one at that I would say. Everything matters, regardless. Enjoy!

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Totally Stephen! Thanks.

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I have experienced some ups & downs with my new streaming kit, sometimes it blows me, other times it doesn’t and that’s without any thing mechanical things involved. LOL! At least with a CD player I knew where I stood? It’s a funny old world. Great that you have your CD player working as it should. I’m not shooting my CD5si anytime soon, that I do know and can sort of can relate to where you’re coming from (in terms of migrating to streaming) .

What I am finding with HiFi these days is that it is too wet behind the ears, regardless of cost and I fear this is why no one is really ever that impressed with it these days! Just my opinion! It’s not impressive like it used to be. A Muso, now that’s impressive, sort of.

I’ve got to get a pair of Allaes man!:sunglasses:

I’m not sure I want to be impressed by my hifi Stephen, I’ve just held spellbound by Dylan’s amazingly compelling vocals on Easy and Slow, and before that his and Joan Baez’s superb I Shall Be Released on The Rolling Thunder Revue set, I want to sit in front of my system and be dragged into the music. Yes, be amazed by how subtly a guitarist bends a string to enhance the emotion, but I don’t want to think about the hifi, it’s the vehicle, so a great one like yours is a means to an end for me.

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I have found them to be a great match with our lesser gear despite the fact that Naim always recommended them with CDX2, 202, 200 or CDX2, SN back in the day.

Think of them as super-developed Credos… and you loved your Credos :slight_smile:

Allaes are out there, there was even a pair in Pompey on the usual auction site last week or the week before.

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Indeed Chris. Mechanical engineering has just as much importance at Naim as electronic engineering. Getting the former right allows the best foundation for the latter to perform at its best.

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I was out bid on them in the last dying seconds of that auction. Damn!!

Tightwad!!! :joy::rofl::joy: considering what they went for!

Oh i was willing to go a lot higher but i’m new to this auction stuff and i was side tracked at the same. It won’t happen again.

Fair enough.

Hi all
I have had the hud on my CD5XS come adrift twice Naim said it was the glue.
that attached the two pieces together.
I must say since naim have Replaced it.
the sound is Brillant

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As a precaution, I would at every single moment, even when under the influence, place the puck as gently as you can. Don’t allow the hub to snatch it from your fingers. Let the puck to suck into place rather than slap into place is what I have found to be the most reliable way.

Interesting Dave. My dealer said the hub was a push fit onto the spindle and that no glue was involved. He said that the hairline crack meant it was not as tight as it should be.

Anyway, we both have a result. Good listening!

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If one lets the puck snatch from their fingers, it’s inevitable it will break (eventually). It will either push the hub platter down the spindle or crack the plastic hub platter. CD drives are just not designed for this sort of usage.

Perhaps Naim have recognised a problem since I would say that my new hub is less magnetic.

Yup. My CD5si is less so from previous players. CD drives are VERY delicate with any sort of jolt. Same with any expensive cartridge I would guess…