CD5si into a DAC?

Can I improve the sound of my CD5si by feeding it into a DAC? As there are no digital sockets, I’m guessing I can’t

As you’ve found, there is no digital output on the 5si, so no external DAC option unfortunately.


The cd5si is an excellent CD player, when I listen to it I do not want to change anything…


It’s OK, but could be a lot better.

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When my CD5Si began skipping and ERRing I thought I would try an Audiolab 6000 transport and use the DAC in my ND5XS2 rather than an expensive repair. A huge improvement and an absolute bargain at under £300!


No at it’s price point it is a good player (I have one) it needs an external output to make it a better player and make it more flexible - such as into a Nova or an Atom

So, running the CD player through a streaming DAC will work: interesting. Would a higher-quality streamer like an NDX2 give a better sound?

Can’t you use the CD5si as a transport through a streamer.

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No as it has no digital output


Look for a used CD5XS or a CDX2.2 from Naim.

Both have a digital output that allows you to play them through a DAC as you appear to want to do.

Or totally forget about separate DACS and buy a used Naim CDS3, which for some was Naim’s finest CD player. I certainly loved mine.


I have thought of that, but keeping them running is concerning. Naim’s head office says they can’t guarantee they will service and repair legacy CD players and advised me not to buy one.

In which case let’s look at improving the performance of your CD5si…

Has it got a PowerLine?

Has it got a HiLine?

What is it standing on?

I had no issues with the sound of my CD5Si for years but when the mech/laser went faulty I chose the dedicated transport route instead of an expensive repair and gained a much improved sound

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The better the DAC, the better the SQ. A 6000CDT thru an NDX2 should sound pretty good for the price.

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For a couple of months last year, I was running my vintage Meridian 200 transport into my nDAC+XPS, alongside my Allo streamer - it’s useful having more than one input into a DAC. :smiley:

Both sounded pretty damn fine.


My gear is plugged into an Emillen Audio Power Supplier, standing on a Nail Friam Light.

So what is your plan for your CD5si?

No, it hasn’t. It’s just the bog standard cable it came with.

If I can’t improve the SQ, I’ll buy a new one if I can find one that sounds better.

I take it a HiLine will improve the SQ.