Hi all is the cd 5si fussy about used disc ,a friend has purchased one and it skipping alot

Depends what condition his CDs are in. My experiencs of Naim CD players is that they need discs to be pretty clean.

Have had CD5Si, 2 x CDS2s and a CDS3. If disc is dirty or scratched it may not play.

Other players are able to auto correct and read badly scratched or dirty CDs. Naim are a bit fussy in my experience.

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CD5SI lives here and no problems.
I keep all my discs very clean and make sure the Puck is nicely magnetically clicked into place.
The only reason I can think for skipping is either dirty or scratched discs or perhaps the puck has lost its strength.
I remember a long time ago on a forum I asked a guy having problems with his Naim CDP if his puck was ok he asked me what a puck was. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Bought new or second hand ?

If it’s second hand could try with a new puck , if it’s new then are the discs in a good condition, I have a CD5si and it has had no issues with skipping


Advise him to get Isopropyl and clean them.

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,it was ex dem apparently
Thanks for replying i will advise him

And ask him if there’s a puck

To put on top of the cd before playing


It won’t play at all without it.

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Is it skipping on just one disc? A few? Most? All discs?

Have a look at the CD’s playing surface under a good light. Radial scratches? No problem. Circular scratches? Bad news.

Always worth washing the discs - a little washing up liquid, warm water. Only rub radially, same when drying.


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I have a CD5si player as well. Years ago, I treated some of my CDs with an “audiophile” cleaning fluid. My new CD5si did not play a few of them. Otherwise no issues. However sometimes repeat does not engage. I purchased the player with extra pucks.

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I had an almost brand new CD5Si that started skipping on CDs and dropping out and sometimes it just stopped altogether. There was nothing wrong with the puck or the CDs, it had to go back in for a repair.


No problems in my experience.

We have a baroque CD which our Linn Karik used to refuse to play ages ago, which the Naim player has no problems with.

Having said that we played another CD last night which had some odd “clicks” which I blame on the age of the disc.

In my experience CDs don’t last forever.


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I stick with my Audiolab CDT6000 :wink:

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Why is the only Naim CD player at the budget end and not the middle or more towards the top end?

Just curious about their thinking here.

It’s the most recent CD player. Born in 2012. They were making the CD5XS and CDX2 until 2018 when they were phased out.

They still make the Nait 5Si and it comes as a set with the CD5Si, both of which I have owned.

I guess this is why the CD5Si has continued.

I reckon the CD5Si will be phased out when they change the Nait, Nait XS and Supernait 3.

Naim seem to have withdrawn their investment from the CD market.

Personally I would like to see a CD transport feom Naim. Would keep my boxes looking uniform.


I can’t recall for sure but in addition to Dan’s points above I suspect it’s the only one of their range that ended up with a supported CD mechanism.

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Many here put down the CD5si because it is at the relatively low end of the cost spectrum from Naim. The discussion should be about the player’s performance and not about it being a budget item.


From my experience the performance of the CD5Si is commensurate with it’s budget pricing within the previous Naim CD hierachy. I had one for a while and it worked well with Nait 5Si. Once I move to 82 HiCap 250 it sounded weak in comparison with my ND5XS with external DAC at that the time.

So I went for CDS2 with XPS which was in a different league to CD5Si.

I am not down on the CD5Si. It is what it is. It just won’t work with what I have now.

The problem now is Naim aren’t producing any CD players above the CD5Si which is a crying shame.

I can’t see them changing. They have focused on amplification and streaming and will leave Focal to run the speakers side.


Since I purchased my first Naim system less than a year ago, I have nothing to compare my CD5si to with respect to other Nsim CDP. Regarding how it compares to streaming with my NDX2/XPSDr, I can only say it varies. Using Qobuz there’s times when the CD is better. Other times streaming is superior. There are no absolutes.

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I think that if it works well for you in your system then that is all that matters.

It’s a lovely CD player. I love the slide out tray and it’s looks. It sounded very resolved with the Nait 5Si.

As the amplification goes up it becomes more revealing and needs a compatible source. I found it started to sound bright and strained when I went up in amplification.

That being said I have found recently that the 500DR made my ND5XS2 sound better bare while my NDS was on a visit to Naim HQ.

Perhaps with the Supernait 3 the CD5Si sounds perfect! I certainly hope so.

The CD5Si was my first Naim purchase! So I have fond memories of it.