CD5X Repair

The shame with mine is that Naim apparently managed to fix it with a mechanism brought back from South America, but the carriage from Salisbury to Brighton seems to have killed it off again.

I’m still looking for a Naim CDP, as I have so many CDs which are currently unplayable (to me in my current CDP-less state).

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Just a follow up.Naim UK said the player can be updated to use the new laser as used in the CD5si but I would have to send the player to Naim in the UK.With so many of us who own older players in the same boat -why can’t they do this at Naim North America as well?

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Ouch. That’s really sad

Yes, I wasn’t Naim’s happiest customer that day. Audio T thought that I hadn’t connected it back into the system properly, but they weren’t able to bring it back to life. At least Naim refunded the parts and labour charge, for which I was grateful.

Sorry Graham, but I thought CDS2 (unlike CDS3) was easy to repair because of a stock of transports. Maybe I’m missing something here but surely if the transport gave out then it could be sent back for repair again instead of being junked?

I’m not sure who told you that, but it simply isn’t the case I’m afraid. :frowning_face:

However, the symptoms you describe regarding your player, sound like the platter (where the disc sits) glue has failed & it is slipping on the motor spindle.
There are some simple tips on how to reglue here:


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Thanks all I guess there is some comfort in knowing I’m not alone with this issue. Similar to one of the individuals I was having issues reading track one, but ultimately the player wouldn’t read any disks. It seems Naim won’t accept the player from the local dealer to diagnose the problem because of the 1202 part shortage. It would be good if you could get some resolution as I really miss playing my cds and don’t really want to spend £1600 on a new player unless it necessary.

Are naim dealers selling second hand naim cd players obliged to tell customers
that these supply issues on certain parts exist?
I hope so for the sake of honesty!

That’s not what happened in my case. I have put out feelers to dealers that I know fairly well (Audio T, Grahams, Cymbiosis and TomTom), but no luck so far. It’s just such a shame - and very frustrating - to have hundreds of CDs, but no CD player in my main system.

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I think dealers are free to do whatever they wish - they are free agents. Fact is that anyone buying a secondhand CD player these days should be well aware that mechs are a possible and likely point of failure, and have been pretty much since the very beginning of the format. Likewise, replacement Mech supply has always been an issue for the entire industry. Naim has done better than most here in supporting their customers over the longer term, even going as far as re-engineering a discontinued player to take a different (but available) mech, but these days it’s harder than ever to maintain this.


Graham, in your situation I would take back the player and, perhaps seek out one of a few “kitchen table” repairers who may be able to resuscitate your player with scavenged secondhand parts. The fact that an official factory repair may no longer be possible due to lack of new replacement mechs, need not mean that your player can’t be fixed by other means. The VAM1205 was fairly widely used so it may well be possible. Would be shame to otherwise scrap the player.

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Last year when I wanted to PX my LP12 and CD5 SX against the Linn Klimax DS/3 Katalyst, they would only take the LP12.

They advised that due to parts availability they did not want the CD5 SX as there could be a potential issue with honouring a warranty if a repair was needed.

Fully understood where they were coming from on this.



Although in principle I agree with your comment, aren’t we breaking forum rules with such a comment

Possibly, but in a situation where official repair is no longer possible, the point is one that I felt important to make, so an exception was appropriate.


A valid suggestion, I think - and I am pleased that an exception can be made.

The problem is (IMO) an obvious one. What is the provenance of the salvaged or other parts used - and what warranty or support does the repairer offer…?

That’s an unknown (I guess you would need to ask whoever was doing the work) and also outside of the scope of discussion for here.


I’ve had to scrap a Cdi and a CD5xs due to mech failure - the CD5xs over 2 years ago. Both went back to Salisbury. Wanting to stick with Naim I replaced with a Core. I now view CD players like Cartridges, they wear out and have to be replaced. Viewed like this the pain is much reduced.


Just raising the risk… :thinking:

I hope that the VAM1250 in my CDX2 (2002 build) continues to work - and such intervention is not needed.

(I bought my CDX2 fully aware of the potential problems, but thinking worst case it could be converted to the later VAM1205 transport. Sadly that’s not an option now.)

I think you mean the VAM1202 - the VAM1205 was the predecessor to the VAM1250.

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Sorry Richard, but you are then possibly suggesting this is the approach for any Naim product that is susceptible to fail and no longer serviceable, possibly even amps which are generally highly reliable products, although this is becoming less so with stuck relays and reed switches etc…
Personally I think with the prices that Naim pin on their products, I think they should be serviceable which is one important reason why many people buy and support this brand of HiFi