Cds2 + xps

Owning a lot of CD’s which I miss playing and having read all of the positive feedback I’m sorely tempted, particularly by its sound signature. Also love the look of it.

I see it was available from 1998-2002

Any tips on what to look out for when buying?

I would go for a CDS3 and XPS2


Just check the current status/availability of replacement laser mechanisms, especially for older units. Naim’s Service Dept. and/or @Richard.Dane here should be able to advise.

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I think @NeilS recently reported the VAM1205 for the CDS2 was still available (just), however, I don’t know the current status.


My understanding, based on what @NeilS has posted previously, is that for the earlier CDX2’s with the VAM1250 (like mine… :expressionless: ), no replacement mechs can be found and the conversion to VAM1205 is no longer available… :cry:

For the later VAM1205 units, mechs are - just - still available.

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Yes, the VAM1250 is long gone and Naim can no longer do the VAM1202 update for VAM1250 units.


So in summary, that’s the risk that one takes with buying a Naim CD player. If I had a decent DAC or streamer that accepts a digital in then this could also be a nice way to go for playing CDs.

This is what I sometimes do with my Auralic Altair and an old Marantz CD67SE or the Marantz UD7006

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Such a shame about the mechs. So it seems a VAM1202 mech is very much preferable over VAM1250. But even the 1202 has only limited supply.

Is it similar on the CDS3?

I’m more attracted to the CDS2 because reports suggest the sound signature of the CDS3 will be closer to my NDS but the CDS2 will offer something s bit different.

CDS3 just brilliant machine. Would take such if have spare mech or Naim confirms the service in future. Otherwise will skip Naim CDP, even own one (CDX2, 1250) and like most of them.

I’m looking for a different sound to my NDS/555DR. I’m assuming a CDS3 will be similar whereas a CDS2 will be warmer, smoother, and dare I say it more analogue sounding albeit not as refined and detailed

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If you want a little warmer then you’d probably be looking at an original CDS. But good luck finding a CDM4pro mech should it need replacement. For years Naim were the only manufacturer that kept spares of those. When I was Naim’s customer service manager I remember a Krell owner begging me to sell one to him so he could get his player fixed as nobody else could help. I felt for him, but had to refuse as they were only for Naim CDS owners. Despite a refurbishment program undertaken by Naim, eventually the supply of mechs dwindled to nothing.


I still use an original CDS2 and prefer it for SQ to a CDS3 or any CD player without a silly price - a bit LP12-y but not lacking in detail or clarity or grip.

When it dies, I may well get a CD transport (Audiolab?) to feed my NDX2/ XPS2 or get a second-hand Core to rip my existing CDs and any CDs that I do get (I already have one instead of a CD player in Tasmania).

In any event, the CDS2 is still a great machine and many now have a mechanism that was replaced in the last 20 years.

Others have had very little use in the last few years (put into an attic in about 2000 perhaps) and may well be good for several years - making current low prices (some close to £1000) not bad even if a buyer doesn’t get another decade out of one. I might not risk that, but a cheap CDS2 with a mech from 2015, as recently advertised, would be compelling.

I also saw this thread:

Perhaps @Alto can be persuaded to sell one of his hoarded spare mechs?

Never heard a CDS2, so can’t comment but it’s like all Naim stuff. There are those that don’t get on with the old classic or black and prefer olive or CB.

Exactly. I would say this is even a better way to go unless you want an old piece of Naim memorabilia in with the rest of the system, which I assume is Stu’s 500 boxes or possibly the CB amps.

Sadly I’m sure there must be a huge number like this :joy::rofl:

It’s the same for tweeters for SL2. I saw the profit announcement of wilmslow audio due to all the panic buying :flushed::joy:

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I have a mixture of Classic and olive (plus Radikal and Nakamichi) on the rack. The last olive to leave will be the 52, but I am more likely to die owning that than to stump up for a 552 and its PS, so I’ll probably have a non-tidy collection for all my days.

Of course, given the age of many olive Naim fans, boxes will sadly be appearing on eBay with increasing frequency over the next decade or two.


Not a very cheerful thought, but yes I will probably be in the same boat one day. Although you never know when that 552 will come along :wink::joy:

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Wonderful as the 252 is, a 552…

it would partner great with your 300 and I speak from experience


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Ha…… got me :rofl:

Although I have many years of such temptations but have still managed to resist :joy:


I’m looking at an early CDS2 which was serviced in 2016.

Anyone know if it’s standard practice to change the mech in a service of a near twenty year old unit, and likewise the update to a VAM1202 back then?

I can of course ask the service dept but by that time it might be snapped up so considering taking a punt…

You need a definite answer, not a best guess, I am afraid. Apart from anything else, the right price will be radically different.

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Naim typically only recommended a service of a CD player when absolutely necessary, so either a mech failure or perhaps DAC chip failure etc…