CDS3 death rattle

My CDS3 makes a ominous rattle when I load a CD and lower the lid. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 trys to get it to play the CD. It sounds OK, but I’m concerned about what may happen if it gets worse. The CDS3 was serviced 6 years ago and the transport replaced with a VAM 1202.

Does NAIM still have parts to service my player?

Try a new puck that clamps the disc.

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It’s a bit unclear what the situation with mechs is, I believe Naim is still looking to secure supplies but it is not easy.

But maybe your mech is not at fault. Where is the rattle coming from? Maybe @NeilS can help

If he has a 1202, he has a magnetic puck though, not the rubber feet puck of the 1250 that is prone to this

Still the cheapest option to try……or back to dealer and then to Naim?

Sure, worth a try in any case

Have you moved the unit recently?

I had a similar problem with a CDS2 when the suspension became misaligned.

It was rectified by inserting the transit screws (which lifts the mech off the suspension), then removing the screws slowly, at the same time, keeping the mech level, which will reseat the mech on the suspension.

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Get a new puck mine was like that cds sometimes did not read but new puck solved it.

Hi Flyfisher,

I would have a close look at the transport platter for a hairline crack across the radius. A crack will open the diameter of the spindle hole & allow it to slip.


I’ve found with my CD3.5 the three small rubber rings in the puck compress. Get a pair of tweezers and rotate these round a quarter turn. If you have it, also give the rubber a wipe with some iso-propyl alcohol to clean the surface.

Longer term, I don’t leave a CD in the player and I rest the puck on a shelf when not in use so the rubber recovers from the compression - I don’t leave it on the drive mechanism.


I also leave the puck rubber rings facing up when not in use.

He has no rubber :roll_eyes:

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I’ve boxed up the CDS3 and sent it off to NAIM in hopes that they can fix it. I hope they can, I’ve come to be quite fond of it. But when I took it to my local Hi-Fi “dealer” to ship it off, I made the mistake of asking if I could listen to a 252 to see how it sounds against my 282, they said “sure, and we just got in a refurbished 300DR that might sound pretty good too”. So, while I wait for my beloved CDS3 to be fixed, I’ve traded up from my 250DR / 282 / HiCap DR to a 252 Supercap DR / 300DR. So far it’s been the most significant improvement I’ve made in my 25 year slippery NAIM slope. And my friendly “dealer” said, why don’t you just take this entry level ND5 XS2 home to tide you over while the CDS3 is in the shop". It sounds pretty good too!


Drug Dealers usually are very accommodating


Did the dealer guarantee that your CDS3 could be repaired? Several forum members are waiting for laser mechs that apparently cannot be located by Naim.

I had the CD platter hairline crack issue on my CDX2.2 from 2016. This is obviously a problem and so bought a relatively expensive Chinese mech and pulled off the platter. I put this platter onto the spindle and all is now well. Perhaps Naim could commission a new platter?

No, I probably won’t hear until it gets to NAIM North America. I certainly hope it can be fixed. I wouldn’t be a very happy camper if I had to find a new CD player that sounded as good as the CDS3.

I have 252 and 300dr it’s a great combination I resently added 555ps dr and using cds3 with superb results.

Naim/Focal N. America cannot repair CDS3 due to no inventory of laser mechs, unless that has changed this week?