CDS3 repair

Does anyone here have any information on whether NAIM can/will continue to service this cd player? Mine has been at the dealer (for a new laser/transport assembly) for almost 4 months and they are still waiting on NAIM for updates!

Maybe someone from the company can suggest something.


See the VAM 1202 thread

See here:

I believe that covid has meant there have been unforeseen source are supply issues. Hopefully we’ll get an update after the holidays.


Is there any word regarding CDS3 laser mechs from Naim. I was hoping for clarification since it is now September.


Heard nothing from the NAIM dealer here in Spain. Theyve had my CDS3 for over 5 months now!

@Naim.Marketing came back very recently from holidays. She will probably have soon a response. But I guess Naim have some more urgent problems to deal with, straight after the august holidays break.

I’ll ask again. We have a dedicated task force doing nothing else but tracking down elusive components/parts right now, but the priority has to be parts needed for current production runs, as i’m sure you’d understand.

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On the subject of CDS3 mechs I recently sold my original 2004 player back to my dealer. He sent it off to Naim for a service (it’s first)and it was returned with a new mech. It was still playing beautifully after 17 years being one of the first ones sold. It’s great that Naim continue to support legacy products as well as they do.

When was “recently”? Because the most recent word from Naim was, as far as I am aware, that there are currently no mechs. Hence the questions in this thread and the other one (“VAM1202 mechs”)

No more than 3 months ago…

That’s interesting because this was in May:

And this was ~8 weeks ago:

Out of interest I just checked on my dealers website and it is still available and looking fantastic if anyone is interested. Better not post a link though. I certainly enjoyed my time with it, wonderful player.

Richard might inject jitter in this topic then


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