CDX2, CDS3, or CD555 with a view on long-term servicability?



  1. Naim CD players sound awesome
  2. There is unique synergy between Naim sources and Naim amps
  3. They are very cheap these days
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Particularly with a Superlimina interconnect…


Thats interesting. I keep a spare puck for my CDS3 (though if you don’t leave a disk in the machine, the pucks last for years) and plan to send it for service later this year. I could be left with a redundant brand new puck if the mech’ is changed - a whole 15 pounds down the drain !

Keep it for 30 years and you can trade it for a gold coin on eBay :money_mouth_face:

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Even a luddite like myself recognizes that the technology moves on but just as Naim make phonostages for vinyl users why not introduce a dedicated high end CD transport to plug into the network planners.




Just some clarification here:

We can service all Naim CD players - as in replace the capacitors.
The original CDS, CDI, CD2 & CD3 are getting very dodgy now in terms of mechanism repairs.
We only tend to see these players with DAC failures (for example) & the shipping hasn’t been kind to the mechs. We have yet to say “sorry - can’t be done” but it is definitely on the horizon. As has already been said, don’t ship these players unnecessarily!
All other players with disc reading issues can still be repaired at this time.
The early CDX-2 & CDS3 with VAM1250 transports can be updated to VAM1202 which would mean a new spec clamp (puck 5) without rubbers.



Thank you very much. It looks like I might pull the trigger on Monday, PayPal allowing, for a 555

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If I had that money I would do it as well…may the force be with you :smile:

Had my CDS3 serviced not long ago by Naim VAM 1250 removed, capacitors replaced new logo and new VAM 1205. The first replacement failed Error on display however it was returned new upgraded mechanism (I believe) superb :grinning::slightly_smiling_face: and yes it sounds so much better than the failed mech. Brilliant thanks Naim :smiley:


Thank you. I came very close to traveling across half of Europe, Corona or not, to pick it up. I guess it will be shipped after all, and I am relieved that I don’t have to make the trip, but won’t sleep well until it’s here. And yes, I did remind the seller to be mindful with the transport bolts!

But I am getting ahead of myself, it’s not paid yet and not here yet. Better to keep hopes in check until then.

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Episode One… A new hope… :grin:

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Very wise - the transit bolts are absolutely critical.
With a player at this level, I would even ask for photographic evidence that they are fitted before the seller sends it anywhere.



Perhaps stating the obvious but please make sure that the package is adequately insured - many postal services have quite low cover.


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I have reason to believe he knows what he is doing, but I did remind him now. Thanks :slight_smile:

That is good to know. I bought a very early CDS3 in ‘04. It still sounds great and works just fine. Neither it or it’s XPS have been serviced yet but it’s nice to have confidence in it for a Few more years.

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I’m very much on the same wavelength as much of you - if I can fix a player and delight an owner, I’ve done my job. At the end of the day, that is what I’m here for.
Every job I touch, I want the owner of that piece of equipment to be overjoyed when they get it back.
It’s just what I do.


Edit: I hope I have a few satisfied customers!


Hi Neil if you did service my CDS3 about 2 months ago and sealed it with blue plastic over the door thank you very Sir. What a professional job the replacement mech is, superb. I would say it’s more detailed than the original VAM 1250 :slightly_smiling_face::smiley:

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I hope Neil might look back here because I have a query about an issue relating to the CD555 which came up on another thread recently. It’s about the plastic spindle on which the CD locates before it is clamped by the puck (I’m not sure that spindle is quite the right word as it is the plastic piece on the end of the rotating spine of the motor). I occasionally had a problem with disc reading that I eventually established was caused by some CDs not fitting snugly on the spindle. Having seen the other thread, I now realise that this is probably caused by the fact that there is a small crack in the spindle, which presumably makes it minimally enlarged and prevents some CDs from sitting correctly. In the other thread there were owners whose spindle not only cracked but fell apart. There was some ambiguity about whether this required the replacement of the complete mech or if the plastic spindle could be replaced. I am being very cautious in placing CDs but some do require a little pressure to locate correctly and I am worried that eventually the crack will lead to the spindle falling apart. If so what are the repair options? Thanks, Clive

Only @NeilS can respond to you .

The puck problem was only really sorted out with the “magnetic” one fitted to the 555. From the first CDS right up to the CDS3 using the three point rubber tubing it always softened up and caused a disc reading problem eventually. Never leaving the puck on the player helped or having two of them was the only way round it.
I had a non working lid on my fairly early 555 and the plastic gearing ( probably broke) was replaced by a metal one.
A bit off topic perhaps but see below!
I have two DR power supplies, one the origional uprated to DR, the other a new one.
On going discussions with my dealer to puchase an ND555 have so far not materialised. I have no interest in Tidal or other similar products. Simply want to play my CDs/LPs straight forwardly. CDs ripped to a server sound better than the origional is a common observation. To do that would cost quite a bit of money even with two existing 555PSs. I listen to a lot of classical music without clearly defined tracks which may cause server access problems?