CDX2 connected to a non powered XPS2

Hello again.

As I have already too many hifi connected to one socket, I want to connect my CDX2 to a Cambridge Audio A500 without using the XPS2… but the Burndy cable is still connected to the CDX2. Should I unplug the Burndy or doesn’t it matter to leave it connected? Thanks a lot. Kind regards.

Hello Hififriend
I believe this is at least covered in the CD player user manual. There should be a link plug provided when not powering the CDX2 from an XPS but from its own internal power supply


It makes no difference to the number of mains leads whether or not you use the XPS. If you are using the XPS, the CDX2 does not need its own mains lead, as all power comes from the XPS via the Burndy cable.


so I can leave the connection with Burndy and just insert the CDX2 power cable in the socket and finally use again my CDX2.

No. You either use the XPS, or you disconnect the Burndy and put the link plug in the back of the CDX2.

When you are using the XPS, do you have the CDX2 connected to the mains in addition to the XPS being connected to the mains?

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Dear HifiFriend
Please take a look at the manual.


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If I remember well, I think I connected both power cables in the current sockets when I listened to my CDX2 together with my XPS2. My logic was that the CDX2 display does not function without giving it current through its plugin.

How is it done? I f I use both CDX2 XS and XPS 2, should I only plug in the power cable from the XPS 2 ?

If so I did it wrong. Did I wreck anything? Thanks.

The manual explains:

Note: When used with an external power supply the CDX2 player must be disconnected from the mains. Disconnect the player from the mains before connecting the power supply.

I think if you had wrecked anything you probably would know by now. The link plug connects the internal power supply to the CDX2 electronics. Possibly you are lucky and all you did by powering both units was to waste some electricity by powering up the internal power supply which was not connected to anything.


Q1. Yes

Q2. Don’t know, hopefully not

wow, never thought of that. The note written between the gear illustration “if using a XPS 555” told me “well, I do not have that” and I find that that is completely misleading and irritating that there is a 2nd note telling all XPS external supplies…makes no sense at all for me! But thankks, I will have a word with Naimgermany and my seller about that.

This is an extract from the manual. It couldn’t be more clear.

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I think the acronym RTFM is very appropriate in this case.


Seems quite possible that English may not be a first language.

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The manuals are in a whole bunch of languages for all to see.

One of my bosses years ago, said please don’t assume because you may be making an “ass” of “u” and “me”

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Maybe a little empathy needed.


Hello. Thanks. Yes english is not my first language, never was really good at it. I suppose I read it in german 10 years ago when I got the CDX2 XS, but suppose that also in german it could be ambiguous. For me also now it is of no sense in seperating note 1 focussing on XPS 555 as it would be very special compared to Note 1 for all the other XPS. Secondly: one could interpretate that before “When you use your CDX2 with an external power supply (XPS2), you have to not insert at all your power cable into the CDX2 as the XPS2 delivers the current for both XPS2 and CDX2” must be disconnected from the mains could mean for the moment of installation, and then afterwards you can put the power cable back in. Disconnect the player from the mains before connecting the power supply repeats exactly the same but again does not say clearly that it is not just the order of connecting the power cables. So it could mean: "First you connect the power supply main power cable, and then afterwards you connect your CDX2 to the main. In the second yellow, they could at least emphasize by bold “…and remove the CDX2 mains cable” and here is written “while making connections” So this could mean that only for the moment of connecting you remove the CDX2 main cable. Removin does not mean to NOT PUT IT BACK EVER… what a ambiguous sh… well not better at all, even worse. What’s the power supply output socket 1 ? Only thing where I could have thought about this would be the fact that manual tells me to switch on the power supply but not the CDX2. Well, they sould have written it in bold and not only put “Note” but “IMPORTANT NOTE” Not happy aboput this and thanks for the RTFM , dear Mtuttleb. @Hungryhalibut: many thanks, I suppose many other Naimies did it wrong and do not wanna discuss about it anymore :slight_smile: But my initial problem is solved as there only remains 1 socket, hope my fuse will not blow now. Greetings from Luxembourg, a country with its own official language :slight_smile:

nope, it is not, it is well - known that UK logic is somewhat different :slight_smile: Same for my Lotus, so very special and complicated

The good thing is that you now know you only need a single plug, so you can use your CDX2 with its XPS, which is great.

My wife visited Luxembourg for a meeting in 2019 and thought it was a lovely place. We will visit together one day I’m sure.

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Ok very sorry for the sarcastic remark.
Did you read my very first (helpful) reply along with HH directly after? With these two alone you would realise that if you don’t use the XPS2 then you need a link plug (supplied with CDX2) with the player connected to the mains.
To most it would seem obvious that if the player is powered by the XPS2 then the only thing that needs to plugged into the mains is the power supply and not the player.
Ok I will say viel erfolg with sorting out the connections so that you can enjoy your nice CD player.

P.S. I am not totally happy either with the documentation from Naim, but that’s the way it is.

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