CDX2 /XPS sounds better with RCA or DIN?

I am using Mogami RCA 2803 cables to connect my CDX2 to 272, today I changed them to DIN grey interconnect that came with CDX2. But I feel like the RCA sounds better by a margin.
2 questions - is really DIN should sound better and with which cable I will really feel it?
Enabling DIN and RCA outputs together - will this affect the sound quality really?



It is surely a matter of preference. Just keep what sounds better to you. If DIN would be always better more manufacturers would probably use it :slight_smile:

A Naim Hi-Line DIN cable is what gets recommended most of the time, but you may want to try the Vertere REDLINE which has a similar cable construction. Some people had issues with the Hi-Line connectors so if i would spend that amount of money on an interconnect, i’d probably choose Vertere.

As for your grey SNAIC interconnect, people here will tell you to make sure to release the collars and push the connector around 1mm back, and also to let the cable hang free not touching the floor or other cables to make it sound best. Wether this improves things is up to you and your ears.

I think that the general recommendation is to disable the output you are not using. On some devices you can only choose the one or the other as far as i remember.


Enabling both DIN & RCA Outputs is not recommended.

No here I have an option of activating both of them together - DIN and RCA.

Thanks, then will try to shuffle.

Owned a CDX2 for 19 years. DIN better and audibly so. If that’s not what your ears tell you then stuck with what you hear or investigate as something may be amiss.

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CDX2 sounds fantastic anyway.
Mogami 2803 is a very special cable, maybe it’s because of it I can’t really see the DIN advantage.

That’s questionable as other manufacturers don’t always put sound first. The history of RCA va DIN includes many historical accidents, and considerations such as being compatible to everything else, manufacturing cost, etc. all have a role to play. Today, there would be no business case for adding DIN outside of the Naim world, even if it did consistently sound better. That said, of course one can get good sound out of RCA and if the OP prefers his Mogami, why not.

P.S… I hope things are OK so far :wink:

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So far so good! Spinning a lots of discs and will report at the end of the week!

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Tried Mogami in my system some years back at the behest of my then dealer. Gave it back 2 weeks in. Everything positive about the CDX2 disappeared.

Was it 2803? As my system is connected to active ATC 50 speakers, they also connected to 272 with Mogami cables, I just hear what’s in the recording, with slight Naim coloration I think. And I like it actually

A key part of Naim’s designs is the careful attention paid to grounding the whole system through the source (CD player or streamer) and their use of DIN and XLR connectors is part of this arrangement. Other manufacturers use different designs but a Naim system will not be correctly grounded if you use RCAs.


Mine is 202/200/HCDR and NAPSC. I think it’s nothing to the point. I stand by my original comments. If you can’t hear a clear difference between DIN and RCA then there is likely something amiss. I have periodically experimented with all manner of cables and heard numerous Naim systems over the past 30 years. I don’t consider myself to have especially great hearing but the difference between the two is distinct.

That is interesting. Could you elaborate more on that part (or post a link where it has been discussed and explained)?

What do you mean by not correctly grounded? Does this affect safety or the sound quality of the system?


I will try the comparison at some point, just for the sake of it.

Interestingly, when i was shopping for an interconnect to put in between my ND5XS2 and Chord DAC, i spoke to 3 different Naim dealers who told me that it does not matter and that they also demo their stuff with some (albeit selected) RCA cables. Two of them were especially wary of the lavender cable and told me that technology has evolved since then and there are far better cables around at that price point.

So for what it’s worth the only way to find out is to listen by yourself.

Dealers have many and varied views. Some on the record and some clearly off. My dealer told me the Mogami was the best cable he’d ever heard but for me it was an engagement killer. Recessed and clinical rather than musical and engaging. I’ve had a hi-line for years. When it broke I reverted to the lavender and messed around with Chord and Tellerium cables. The lavender beat them easily. It’s a hugely underrated cable.

I’ve actually sat in a Naim demo where they were asked to show the difference between RCA and DIN. They had no hesitation.

This is about the Signal Ground - not Mains Safety Grounding.

So… its about Sound Quality - and not Safety.

There’s a better explanation in the forum FAQ, here:

We are talking here about the signal ground, not the safety earth.

Listened with RCA again this morning - big difference, it sounds much better. This Mogami 2308 is just much better than regular interconnect I guess. Will try with another DIN cable later, but Mogami stays

If 272 and CDX2 had XLR outputs, I think it would be the perfect combination with my active ATCs, stopping further investigations.

But the real pleasure is not the final result, is the process )