Cheap way to enable Roon streamig to older NAIM streamers

It is, but only marginal. But setting up the LMS2UPNP on a RPi does require some Linux knowledge, it’s not a out-of-the-box solution, as with SonoreUPnP on a Rendu. If you are happy with that, a good solution for that system at minimal cost.

Another suggestion is a Chromecast Audio, using the Optical digital into the UQ2. Roon supports Chromecast based endpoints.

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Thanks Simon. I’d like to stick to a direct UPnP solution. And I like that LMS2UPNP can stream to multiple endpoints.

I’m familiar with Linux, so no issues in that regard. It will be an excuse to tinker with a RPi, which has been on my bucket list for quite awhile. So I may give this a go, once I make a bit more headway on a few other in-progress audio projects.

I used Windows to start with to do a ‘proof of concept’ before taking the plunge to ‘productionise’ the setup on something that can run 24x7.

If all goes well you can have it up and running in just a few minutes.

ok, so

I use DietPi as the OS on my RPi2 (have an original RPi knocking about somewhere), a lightweight headless OS, which has been stable and requires little maintenance as you are not using many modules, no desktop components etc.
It just runs Asset UPnP server, as the Naim Streamers seem to like having a default UPnP option and a backup incase Roon gets screwed up, and the LMS2UPNP bridge, however it is not enabled as an endpoint in Roon, as the SonoreUPnP is the default bridge.

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Thanks TD. In my case, I don’t have any Windows machines anymore. I got rid of Windows in my household after W7 was EOL’d. So it will be straight to Linux for me.

Thanks Simon. In my case, I have Asset running separately on a NAS. But I’ll go with your recommendation to use DietPi, and will just install LMS2UPNP on it.

BTW, my Sonore UPnP Bridge on an ultraRendu isn’t going anywhere. It will remain as the Roonification method for my NDX, as it works splendidly.

It’s my separate UQ2 in the BR that I also want to Roonify, without the necessity of repointing the Sonore UPnP bridge back and forth between streamers. Not to mention that I have a spare UQ2, that I might set up for a garden audio system some day. It’s too bad that the Sonore UPnP Bridge doesn’t support multiple streamer endpoints (simultaneously).


If your NAS can run Logitech Media Server then you can install that and enable the lms-to-upnp application as a plugin within LMS.

This is what I do on my QNAP. I run LMS within a container. It works flawlessly and saves having another device running like a Pi.


Good point, TD. I am in the process of switching from a QNAP TS-251 on it’s last legs to a Synology DS720+. I don’t believe that Synology supports LMS anymore, but I suppose that I could run it within a container.

You could ask Sonore to modify the SonoreUPnP product to run multi streams.

True. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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