Cheaper Snaic Alternative

Finally after weeks of should I or shouldnt I. I have took the plunge and purchased a Naim Hicap DR for use with my Nait XS2 integrated.

This has used up a nice chunk of my current funds and have now realised I also need the 4 pin Din cable.
Does this absolutely have to be the naim Snaic 4 Pin or are there cheaper alternatives?.

An alternative would just be short term with the idea of eventually purchasing a cable of the naim variety. When funds and my wife recover.

Second hand for about 50 gbp.

Cant find any at the moment second hand.

Try the pink place.

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Please note forum rules with regard to discussion of unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment (which includes Fake SNAICs).

If you can’t afford a new SNAIC then look for secondhand. Be careful not to buy a fake SNAIC - at best performance will not be as Naim intended and at worst they may damage your equipment.

More information can be read here:


Thanks Richard.
I would prefer the real thing, so will hold out for a ex demo/used snaic.

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Maybe try someone like TomTom?


Persevere… :slightly_smiling_face:

TomTom is a good shout TBC. Any Naim dealer offering classic and above kit (check Naim website) are likely to be able to help. It’s a small and robust enough item to post cheaply, so any dealer Nationwide is a possible source for you.

ebay for ÂŁ26, at the moment.

oh just checked… that’s not NAIM brand.

Thanks for trying.

There is a grey 4 pin snaic.
Is there a difference between the grey and the black, soundwise?

I can still see a genuine SNAIC4 available at a decent price. Worth checking the usual places…

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Can only find the older grey snaic?

The black SNAIC is better sounding.

Very fishy. I think we’re looking in different places…
I’m going to stop looking at the classifieds as this can rapidly lead into temptation and I really don’t need a pair of Impulse H2 speakers :thinking:


Round about 100 for a pre loved black snaic

Got a cable ordered for now. Going to wait for the right deal to come along on an ex demo/Pre Owned Snaic 4

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Seems a bit high…? I bought a used Black SNAIC-4, this year, for around GB£65-00, all inc.


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