Choose your fighter: Full Fat Fraim vs SVT with Bronze Upgrade

Round 1: SVT Bronze enters the ring….

I think the Quadraspire contender for Fraim is Reference X, not bronze SVT.

We’ve yet to see anyone post a pic of gear on Reference X as far as I know.

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I think there are a few in the Solstice thread.

I have SVT and Naim boxes look ridiculously small on the 24x19 shelves.

The Fraimlite looks better vs the Quadraspire, and feels more solid.


Fraim does need setting up, level of course.
Cones not touching the edges of the cups. This one I’ve heard make a difference.
Ball seats not touching the edge of the cutouts.
Glass oriented for best “ring”, rather than dullest donk when tapped with a knuckle. These two I’ve only heard as advice from the dealer but haven’t tried otherwise to compare on the basis that if it’s bollox it will make no difference anyway.
Best to load it as you build and careful not nudge it out of adjustment when cabling up.

Ball seats not touching the edge of the cutouts. Good luck with that one. It’s impossible.

There really is so much bull that only naim seems to have, just about all you read about is just that, I bet I could go in to everyone’s room, have good mess about with it all and you wouldn’t have a clue.
If it’s all that sensitive then it’s not fit for use, of course it’s not and it’s great, just stop worrying is my best advice and just enjoy the music.


Just about doable but I have most doubts about that one.

All or nothing.

But where’s the fun in that? :wink:

I guess lol

You should use your microscop usb to properly align the Fraim Dunc. :joy:


The only hi -i furniture I’ve ever seen that I would put in my house is the Simrack stuff which has clean lines and a mid-century vibe to it. I really wish someone would make a great piece of technical furniture that the gear was mostly hidden in - I am sure i’m in a pretty small minority but I’d prefer not to have to look at most of the electronics. If I had to choose between a Fraim or the Quadraspire I’d probably go Fraim though.


Plus lazer level lol
But really, the human ear just isn’t sensitive enough to pick up the, if any difference is it, the mind well that’s a completely different story

Of course, as you know, I was joking. But some extreme Fraimistes have observed that 2mn back or upfront on the glass shelves impact sound quality.
@Darkebear is one of those.
Other consider that the Fraim should be rebuilt every year….

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…and I generally stop posting now on these things. :thinking:
Some people have rather fixed views and do not like to try things - so why cause upset.

It does all matter when you experiment - but if you don’t and already know everything then it does not matter - and you should be fine as you are! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone that has rebuilt Fraim a year after initial install from new and had noticed the shrinkage from new reducing torque - I could turn the upright columns on mine in-situ by hand - could confirm it sounds better when done to correct tightness; not over-tightened and not too slack.



Yes I know you’re only joking and that best suits the topic lol
But as always, what ever makes people happy


Hi DB,
My post was not ironic towards you. I don’t deny your experience and findings. Even if I can find it extreme sometimes, it’s however the part of the fun.

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Indeed - since I was specifically mentioned and had not been posting on this thread it seemed a reply of a sort was being invoked - so you got one! :bear:

It is fun and only takes time and not money is why I posted my findings in past, giving the results can be more than people seem to expect.
But I did become tired of being barked at by people who are easy offended by things they do not want to consider trying - so I decided to spend more time enjoying my system.

I do find all this stuff fascinating fun - always interested in others experiences.