Chopping powerline cables

I am writing to enquire if there is a general opinion on the wisdom of shortening Powerline cables. My electrician is just completing the installation of a dedicated supply with 6 MK unswitched sockets connected to 10sqmm T&E.
The sockets will be arranged vertically up the wall in a Dado conduit with the Fraim stack adjacent to them. So I don’t need the 2metre length of the cable and it would be neat if the length were halved.
Of course, any resale value of 6 Powerlines would be diminished. Any other potential problems?


I can’t give you a technical explanation but PLa are made to a strict specification by Naim. Don’t do it!

Why MK sockets?

And how is the 10mm terminated into all the sockets?

The Powerlines were found to be optimum at 2m length. Naim don’t mess about with stuff like this. Leave them be. That way, no regrets.


There must be a tidy way of arranging the cables but not cutting them!
And your right…you would decimate the resale value
If you really Must have short cables …get someone like MCrU or ChC to make you some specially

I chose MK sockets because my Sparkie said they were the best.
The 10sqmm cable is terminated by fitting about 8mm of bare cable into the back of the socket and tightening the screw. They are not tinned with solder or any other material. As they are each on a radial from the CU, they are are a cosy but easy fit into the socket. Is that the answer to your question?

Thanks for the feedback.
The distance from the PSU to the socket will be circa 1metre and I am hoping to avoid the cables dangling onto the floor.
Will think about an alternate solution.

If you’re using multiple sockets, there will be two 10mm cables to fit into each screw connector, which is not impossible, but it’s an extremely tight fit on MK sockets, and squeezing the excess into the back box isn’t easy.
If you’re running a separate cable to each socket, OK, but that’s a lot of cables.

100% on that one.

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I believe I read on here that MK was bought out, the brand name was retained but quality declined. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Squeezing 2 x 10mm2 cables into the terminals of an accessory that was not designed for it, is very poor workmanship.

Oh, and MK are nowhere near the quality product they once were.

Having said that, if you are going all ‘Naim’ with your power requirements, you probably should have fitted Crabtree, as that’s what they use for the 13A plugs.


I’m not sure they do, since Crabtree became a rather inferior product a few years back.

Must admit, they did start outsourcing some of their manufacturing, and it was appalling, however i understand it’s all back in-house now.

I don’t know which they use now but thought it was MK, though with the PowerLine Lite as U.K. standard it may be a moot point.

A few weeks ago I tried plugging my boxes into a MusicWorks block rather than directly to the wall and much to my surprise it was significantly better. It may be something for the OP to try. Naim advised me years ago to use a single radial and a hydra or block rather than multiple radials.


Hi NigelB, howz it cutting these days??
MK have been a subsidiary of the Honeywell Group since 2005. I understand they still design & manufacture in there own right at the two UK factories & also overseas
I’ve used them for years & if anything the quality has improved, at least in the lines that I use


Yep, they now supply free fire extinguishers with every consumer unit.


I am fine Mike, how are you?

Thanks for the MK correction. I am glad they are still producing quality products as I intended to specify their sockets when I eventually move and get dedicated mains installed.

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All’s good at this end Nigel.
I use the ‘Logic Plus’ sockets, switched doubles all around the house, unswitched for audio applications. I can’t say much about the other ranges as I’ve not used them other than the metal clad industrial stuff


It’s easier to do it with additional Henley blocks into each socket.

Indeed, that’s how I did mine, but the OP mentioned installing 6 sockets, so even a Henley block might struggle.