Chord GroundArry plugs

Has anyone here use groundarray plugs? if so I need to understand your reaction,and how many devices you plugged in?

Have you done a search for existing topics on these? HH posted a thread some time ago which resulted in many views and opinions.

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Unfortunately it contained quite a few ill informed views and opinions.

And this new thread will not?

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The OP has asked for the thoughts of people who have used the GroundArrays, so hopefully not.

But I get your point.

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Looking forward to trying these. My dealer rates these quite highly.

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Mine doesn’t. That’s why he’s my dealer.



It’s sound to me from the beginning quite good ,just my first audition today,it’s clearer, better tight,you can better listen to each instrument by himself all the way,treble nicer,and bass tighter.


Yes, my findings match yours @Meni. I started with a BNC on my NDX2 and the improvement was very nice. I’m now trying a second one on my EE8 switch and the improvements with that across the range are very impressive.

Very much worth giving these a go.


That’s good to hear. Looking forward to trying them.

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I`m waiting to get from my dealer another GroundArray for my EE8 i guess it’s very important to add


I look forward to hearing about your impressions.

Haaaa i said everything…unless the artist or the band will surprise me out going from the speaker LOL…that`s not what will happen

I borrowed a few to try last year.

Assuming it’s not a placebo effect they do seem to do something, as you say a bit tighter generally and maybe a little clearer. The issue I had was too many permutauons of where to try them on different bits of equipment or socket types, and when that kind of thing sets in I can never decide.

In the end I agree they changed the sound in some way, I could not however convince myself that it was always necessarily for the better and couldn’t justify £500 or multiples thereof for something I just can’t really understand.

It was the same with some non Chord power supplies I tried, different just not necessarily better, most actually sucking life from the sound.

I think my dealer’s team were on the fence about the GroundARAY plugs too. Interstingly though they were thoroughly impressed by the new Chord power supplies M6/S6.

Yeah I’m looking forward to hearing these when they are available in North America. I to tried a couple of GroundArry’s last year for a weekend. I liked them but I don’t necessarily miss them. I had made a bunch of other small changes (speaker placement, cable dressing adding a rug to the room etc) so I should revisit but I’m pretty happy where I’m at. The one groundArry that I’d be most interested in is one to add to my EE8 switch.

I find with cables, either signal, mains or digital, switches, etc. they do make a change, but you need to ask yourself two questions ?

  1. Do I like the changed sound, as it’s not always an improvement.
  2. If I do, am I willing to pay what is being asked for that improvement.

Over the years, nay decades, I’ve tried different things, but not always gone with it, often because there is a slight improvement, but the price cannot be justified for it.

For me, the change has to be night and day, very noticeable for me to make that change to part with my well earned cash.

Hence, that’s why I’m demoing various switches and cables after getting a streamer, having sold my LP12 and CD5 XS. A complete change and experimenting with what suits us.

Mind you, it is great fun and adds some interest to the enjoyable hobby that we all share.


I can only assume chiefs at chord are looking to retire, they never used to be into all this nonsense


You wrong… It improves my sound, There is no upgrade you will feel day by night different, The most noticeable thing I felt was the silence between the instruments of touch



I was one of the first to post on the first thread

I have had these in my system since the launch - 5 Pin into 252 and USB in to the back of my NAS (QNAP 251+)

I found the uplift in musical detail very good indeed with 2 of GroundARRAY, I am a little bit of a fan of Chord and these are very good

as ever when possible ask dealer for demo to judge, my dealer kindly lent me some to try at home to get the best combo which as I mentioned was 1 Pin and USB


I’ve taken my out today to see the difference. First I removed the BNC from the NDX2 and then the one from the EE8, and then added them back in EE8 then the NDX2. It was very obvious the improvement that the two together made when streaming from the Uniti Core. So, I guess they staying - a pretty solid lift in dynamics, openness and detail. It just freshens up the whole presentation without compromising any dynamics, so a win-win for me.