Chord M6 vs wall socket

I have a spare socket next to my rack and was wondering if there is any benefit in plugging to a spare socket of my chord m6 instead of the wall socket?

I think it might depend on what you are referring to and what is already connected to the block but if it’s about your power amp, the wall might work better so that the amp does not shift current from other components on the M6 due to its design with a bus bar (my view although when I had the M6 for a home demo everything was plugged in the block).

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Did you find any improvements with M6?

I ordered recently a Vibex Alacros powerblock. But yesterday I received a message saying that they don’t have one in stock and don’t know when.
So I bought finally something more expensive, but life is short. Santa will bring it in a few days.


Which one did you go for, the S6 or M6?

M6, of course :grin:. The S6 would be more on my Eros Titan level probably.


Le bon choix

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Nice one FR, be interested in your opinion👍

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Great move with the new 250 amp, I think you will love it and it will give more weight vs the Eros. I also thought the S is about Eros level when I demoed the Chords (nothing wrong with that as think the Eros is very good and I liked mine, which was the plastic version).


I’ve had an M6 for a few months now and very happy with it. I’ve tried many different configurations on the layout to arrive at this one as the best for my system.


Unfortunately, after 1 week, as I ordered the M6, a dealer informed me today that the M6 is no longer made with Shukko plugs.
So I ordered a Furutech 609e

It’s made on order only, in Japan. So maybe 6 weeks wait.


Wow! This is the unit I want as well. Please post an update on the Furutech thread as there is at least one other person interested.


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