Chord mojo

Battery seems to be dead and cannot hold an indicated full charge for more than 15mins.
Any known tweaks or off to the recycling aka landfill.

Good grief, surely they can swap a battery for you? I bet it’s a standard cell, something like a 18650. Aren’t Chord known for their service??

Been contemplating a Mojo myself recently, and was wondering about battery life, and replaceability.

I thought they could be replaced.

Google this: chord mojo battery service

Seem to be several options, 1st link replaces for £80-£90 I think, no idea if genuine battery or not.

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Heh, oops, not a standard cell!

Where’s the post you’re replying to?

I was referring to my own post, but replying to a link someone posted that showed a YT link, sorry! I assumed the Mojo used a standard cell type, that YT thing linked to shows it’s anything but!

Ah, post deleted maybe… yeah, think the post was against forum rules

I’d be surprised if Chord can’t offer a replacement battery service - have you contacted them? Would put me off buying if it were a limited life product, though many phones are going that way.

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Yeah, that was what my first post was about :blush: - I’d have thought Chord could replace one too

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Sorry, when you said you were referring to your own post for a minute I assumed you were the OP - my fault!

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X) np I’m confusing myself

Just to bring things back to Chord batteries. I saw a sh one for sale with what sounded like 1/2 normal battery life left, are their batteries a known weak spot?


Described as “Genuine replacement battery service for Chord Electronics Mojo portable DAC”…

I’ve used Audio Sanctuary in the past for replacement headphone bits and pieces so can vouch for them.


PS Currently checking out Eric Reed. :grinning:

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I think our admin might be doing a little side business swapping Chord batteries and just didn’t like the competition. :thinking:

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That was the first link I turned up - such devices either need easily replaceable rechargeable batteries or a commitment by the manufacturer to support beyond a year or so. Theer will undoubtedly be non-standard solutions but that’s not a good starting point.

Missed it, sorry.

You can find it on YT when you search for “How To Change The Chord Mojo Battery”. It’s a fun watch even if you don’t have a Mojo (like me)! :slight_smile:

Probably saw that when I searched - pretty poor support for a premium battery powered device if Chord don’t offer it in my view.

True… it’s too bad that they didn’t use a standard phone battery, they could’ve easily done that and made the unit rechargeable…

I watched that.
Doesn’t seem to take into account an 80 year olds rheumatic fingers with limited coordination
Just remove the screws with a 1.5 hex. Watch out for those plastic bits. Fiddle about till you get the lid straight.:joy::rofl:
I will get Signals, the retailer to source a battery and fit it.


As above I will get Signals,my main men, to sort it. But it will be good to know of a source in case they can’t find one.
It’s about five years old so I would expect to pay for a new battery.

Hope you enjoyed Eric.


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