Chord Music power cable

Has anyone use or tried Chord Music powercord to powerblock Into the wall…I can get it for a good price …Right now I experience chord shawline … and it’s really imprest me what it did to my music

Have you moved that large chest from between your speakers? If not I suspect it will make far more difference, and costs nothing.

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No I didn’t moved it yet but I realised lately what a decent cable and power block can my system

I’d suggest you try it before spending more money. At least then you will know. You were only saying last week that you weren’t happy with your speakers. Is buying a cable simply a diversion from sorting out the root cause of your dissatisfaction? There is no point throwing money at cables for a system that you are not happy with, unless money is no object of course.

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I think you’re wrong …most of the time you’re not happy with your speakers because other link is week …again I realized what cables can change your opinion with speakers and other devices.i used to think as you because I didn’t give attention to cables and powerblock before

Meni, if you can have the Music for a very good price, don’t hesitate. These cables are very hard to find on the second market
However I feel your powerblock will probably limit the capabilities of this very high end power cord.
Why not just try to put off the tv and big box from the space between your speakers. Just to try. It will take you 5 minutes.
And after, before finding another solution, put this stuff back.

Not at that moment it’s a big mess for me to change my room ,otherwise I would do it long time ago ,I’m aware the problem,but maybe someday latter I’ll find a solution how to deal better with my room

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A few years ago I had a home loan of a Chord Music power cable for my Linn Radikal driving my LP12. I thought it had some good qualities but not much better compared to my standard Linn mains cable and not significant enough to warrant the price hike. So I kept the standard Linn cable.


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I’ve not tried one with a power block but I did hear one on a 552DR and it was quite something. As FR says, if the price is right and it’s affordable, I’d be tempted.

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What power block do you have?

Just one thing. I know you are smart but be careful. There is a lot of chinese fakes nowadays.
I have a Kharma power cord ( 1,5 k) from the wall. There are many chinese ones on bay site or something like alibaba. com. The look is very very similar.

Wireworld Matrix 2 is my power block

No fake…im not afraid its from Chord-Naim dealer…know him around 35 years

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I would go for it, these cables rarely come up for sale.

From the beginning I started to use Chord cables I was never disappointed

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I think it makes solid sense to run the music cable to your block. It should imbue its magic over all your other Chord cables. Good luck.


You misunderstand me…my 555dr 552/500ps are powerlines … speakers cables & inteconnect are S/l… … network cable & 552/500 between are Chord sarum T

Yes. Looking through this forum for a good while, Chord cables amongst a few others seem a good fit and popular with Naim users. IF you like what it does, logic fits that its influence should be heard on the powerlines as well.

I think there is any weakness to mix cables, in my case 2 different branch cables…if the cables are good as they supposed to be

So what? Important question is does it sound better than what you have. I suspect not, but only you can decide by giving it a go.

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