Chord powerhouse m6 or S6

Hi all. I am interested in members thoughts or use of Chords new power blocks with their Naim equipment.Did it make a difference to sound quality ? or are there alternatives to try . I am interested because I need one and i am unable to have a dedicated mains supply . Thanks

I really like what the ps audio p12 does to my system. Also impressed with AQ Niagara. Not heard the chord though

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Hi, there are already detailed threads about the new chord power strips e.g. Click „here“..More results via the search function under “Powerhaus”. Have a funny reading

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I don’t have a dedicated ring andI have an M6 - I love it. It’s a lot bigger/heavier than you think but putting that in my system connected to a Furutech NCF double socket via a MCRU ‘The First’ cable has really made a difference, even to my cloth ears. I highly recommend it.

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Haven’t heard the S6, but the M6 has made an unmistakable significant upgrade to my system.
It may be expensive, but money very well spent in my opinion.
Better than some box upgrades I have known !


Are these Chord products available for US market?

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According to the website, they’re only available in UK or Euro variants - so 220/240 volts

In my own comparison both were beneficial, however the improvement from the S6 to the M6 to me was very clearly obvious, no question. In my case I remained with my own SOtM MT-1000 which I felt provided a similar or better (passive) noise suppression than the M6 while preserving better the music lifelike energy and presence.
There are also other good ones out there and while the M6 may be a relatively safe bet, I think it’s worth trying a couple as at this level these are hardly budget components.

wonder why no US versions?
They sell all their cables in US, so why not the M6 power strip?

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I live in uk. I have the M6, with a Chord Epic power-lead into wall socket. Impressive in how it works with Naim equipment that usually doesn’t like such devices. A mighty impressive box to look at too. Very well built, solid, heavy and takes pride of place on top of a bookcase with leads hanging down the back. How important is it to earth it?

It is automatically ‘earthed’ through your UK mains plug. ‘Grounding’ is different and there are numerous threads & articles to review (the Russ Andrews site has lots to say on this). I don’t ground my M6 and am very happy…

Ok. Good to know. Thank you for this. Forgive my ignorance on this matter. I have learnt something new.

Today I received a Chord PowerHAUS M6 that I’ve been waiting for a long time, connected to my Chord Music cable… the improvement is huge, I don’t remember a better improvement than this one.a real upgrade to my system


I recently added the Chord M6 as others have said a good upgrade.


For those that like what the M6 does this might be of interest. Bigger upgrade than the block was in my system.


Looks great. What is it?

I’ve heard how a Nordost Thor (wired with Valhalla cable) can clean up the sound but at the same time suck the life out of it. I’m also not a ‘gadget’ kind of guy so all in all I was skeptical when the Chord rep loaned me one to try. But this device in my system/ home works. It obviously reduces unwanted mains noise without hurting anything except the wallet! Cleaner and clearer sound.


I haven’t seen these on the market, are they like an M6 without the power sockets ? what’s the specification ?

Looks like something made for the asian market and something you put into a spare wall socket. Guessing some kind or parallell passive filter.


It’s only just been released in the UK. This is what I know.

We obviously don’t plug anything into it. I actually prefer the sound of my system with it plugged into the downstairs ring main over my dedicated hifi supply. I can only speculate why.

Three versions are available with Epic, Sigx and Music cable options ascending in price and (as I’ve tried the latter two) performance.

A Chord Co dealer should be more informed tech spec wise. I just like what it’s doing in my system sound wise. No loss of dynamics or timing with a cleaner clearer sound. These upgrades are all just incremental of course and we all hear things differently. But anyone with a liking for the S6 or M6 blocks might feel the way I do.