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You’d have to ask a dealer that question Dave

My dealer is Acoustica. Just thought you might have had some indication from them.
You are correct though, I should ask directly

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Ok Dave. Ross has placed a big order for both versions with Chord. I do know that. He’s sold several already based on sale or return.

He must be very impressed by the “sound” of them
Will have to contact Acoustica yet again :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Finally got around to installing my Chord S6 block today. I’ve had it for around a week or so but was awaiting some other bits and pieces. Well, WOW!!! What an improvement!

The system: Melco N100/Plixir power supply / Sim Audio Moon 340i amp / Klipsch Forte III speakers.

The S6 replaced an Olson Electronics block, which as many will know is a high quality standard mains block but not specifically for audio use (they do make the Sounds Fantastic block but I just had a standard one).

In fairness I should say that the Olson was connected to the mains with a Chord C Power mains cable whilst the S6 is connected with a Chord Epic cable. All equipment power leads are Chord C Power (no longer available). Mains is the standard house ring main - switched Crabtree double socket.

Where to start? I’m truly blown away. I heard both the S6 and M6 at my dealers and was impressed but the effect in my own system seems so much more profound. Probably because I of course know the system far better.

I’ll run through my impressions. A total removal of any digital hardness and glare and a complete cleaning up of the sound. Very noticeable with high frequencies which are so much more controlled and natural. The sound is much more expansive and ebbs and flows far more naturally with a complete removal of any sense of strain on crescendo’s. To be honest I didn’t think there was any sense of strain anyway - but the Chord block has shown me that there was and it’s now noticeable by its absence.

Musically speaking - well there’s just far more of it! Musical lines and phrasings are so much more explicit. Much more detail but in a proportionate natural way - not exaggerated. The music has become so much more interesting and nicer to listen to. Keeps bringing a smile to my face. Familiar tracks I know well seem fresh and renewed. Vocals are incredibly realistic and ‘in the room.’ The music flows so much more naturally.

Downsides? None at all - except, and I’m not sure about this, or even if it is a ‘downside’, but there sometimes seems a very slight reduction in transient ‘slam’. Sometimes. Maybe. Not really sure. Actually I’m inclined to think that it’s simply as a result of the removal of hardness and edginess, which perhaps superficially could give an impression of increased transient slam.

But overwhelmingly the result is far more music and less hi-fi. Absolutely no doubt about that in my mind. If I had obtained this sort of improvement from spending a few grand on a new amp or whatever I would be chuffed. So my verdict is it easily justifies it’s place in my set up. I thought the results I was already getting were excellent but with the S6 installed things have gone to another level entirely. One of those moments when you know something special has happened.


First time ever in seeing a piggybacked treble wall plug and I didn’t know they even existed. But It does look very tidy and efficient and hopefully there’s corresponding SQ uplift over seperate plugs.

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Excellent write up Pete. The M6 effected my system in a very similar way.

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I see you are doubling the live and neutral for a total of 3mm2 but keeping the earth wire at 1.5mm2. Is this safe to use in this way? as i thought the earth wire in power cabling especially had to be at least the same size or thicker than the live and neutral.
I have an olsen hosp grade power strip and hope to rewire it with OCC copper 2.5mm2 - 13awg - for live and neautral but using a 2mm2 - 14awg - for the earth wire so it’s 1 awg less or .5mm2 less. Would there be any safety concerns with this wire thickness topology? Or does the earth wire have to be the minimum same thickness 2.5m2 in this case the same as the live and neutral wires?

I can’t speak for the various non-conforming cables that have been discussed here, but standard T&E cables generally have a slightly smaller earth than the live and neutral. 2.5mm T&E, for example, might have a 1.5mm earth.

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Thanks Cohen1263. I should have mentioned that of course the S6 block and Epic power cable are both brand new and so will take some time to run in and sound at their best. Also the equipment was switched off for hours while I was installing things so will take a few days to come back on-song. So I’m anticipating yet further improvements which I’ll report back on in due course.

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Oh thanks, good to know i’m not gonna have a potential fire or any safety concerns regarding the slight decrease in earth wire diameter.

@Cohen1263 what power lead are you using to connect the M6? I have the MusicWorks G3 with a powerline and was thinking maybe the G4 would be the logical next step but this makes me think…

Hi Steve.

The Chord Sigx with a Furetech 16 amp IEC which has a squared off moulding. A standard IEC doesn’t fit it.

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Thanks Cohen. So a standard Chord SigX which is £1k right? The Powerline won’t fit then? No problem as I have a use for that elsewhere if I decide to move :wink:

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Correct Steve. Not without changing the IEC type

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Sorry, but just to clarify for my slightly addled brain (big party last night!)…If I wanted to try the M6 or S6, I’d have to find a cable with a rectangular IEC not the angled corner types?
The SigX grand on top of M6 two grand - ouch.


You need a cable fitted with a 16A IEC rather than the usual 10A - the configuration of the pins is different. When I spoke to Chord about ordering an Epic mains cable for my S6 block they told me to make sure that the dealer knew that it was for their S6 block as the IEC inlet is slightly different. I never did get to the bottom of it but my understanding is that the 16A inlet on the block will not take all 16A plugs but only a specific type. But I could have misunderstood. Best give Chord a ring - they are very helpful on the 'phone.


Thanks Pete :+1:

As Pete wrote :+1:

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