Christmas No 1’s

Why is it they drag out the same old crap every year like Wham,Slade etc and they get to No1.
Is no one making original Christmas music these days,
Looks like it’s the Pogues this year cos he’s snuffed it.

I prefer the Yorkshire Christmas songs of Kate Rusby plus Christmas songs from Scottish bands Tide Lines and Skerryvore.

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Kate Rusty has a nice voice, but she doesn’t have any sense of timing or rhythm. It’s like listening to one’s Mum singing in the kitchen.

Freudian? :disguised_face:

Haha that’s predictive text for you. Think I’ll leave that as it is, but can’t take any credit.

It has to be this:

Or this…

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Let’s be respectful here. Fairytale of New York is a fantastic song and fully deserves to be no. 1. To say ‘cos he’s snuffed it’ is simply moronic.



Sorry to disagree.

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It’s a good song yes but had he not gone snuffed it it wouldn’t figure at all, same as when John Lennon died.
But the question is why are we still listening to old songs and there isn’t any new ones coming out that’s decent.

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Who knows? My favourite Christmas albums are the Christmas With My Friends series on ACT. The latest volume VIII is just lovely and is getting a lot of play here.


Over the decades good Christmas songs have been few and far between, so I don’t find it surprising at all.

I love Fairytale of New York but the local favourite is Paul Kelly’s How to Make Gravy.

Excuse me if I’ve posted it before.


Yer excused … :slightly_smiling_face:
(Good tune)

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My view of Christmas songs is that they should be classified in lists of the least worst. I can’t think of any that I would part money for, but most music that is released falls into that category, so it is no just bah humbug, just my weird tastes in music.

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I suspect the ‘real” answer is that since 2004 the UK Christmas charts have been skewed, by the power that is Simon Cowell, towards the winner of that year’s talent(less?) contest The X-Factor beautifully scheduled TV so that the winner could conveniently release a song in time for the Christmas Charts.

There have been a couple of exception year where there was a targeted counter-culture campaign to promote something else as an alternative 2009 Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name springs to mind.

My Christmas song no.1 is still the Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas. But that’s more given its historical value.
Bryan Adams’ Christmas Time is high up on my list, and as a country music lover, also Alan Jackson’s Let It Be Christmas.
So far no recent christmas album really strike to my heart.

Well, not really audiophile materials😬

Its the worst thing I’ve ever heard. A vile drunk trying to sing. IMO


That’s my pose, but on the sofa after a particularly large and enjoyable Christmas dinner.



My family wast just marvelling that Slade’s Xmas song was 50 years old this year. I remember it like it was just last year, and the year before, and the year before, and etc etc :grinning:

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