Chromecast built in

Hello, please be gentle as I’m new on the forum!

On setting up my Uniti Atom via the Naim app on my iPhone, I accepted and enabled the Chromecast option and in fact I can see it in the list of Input Settings as enabled.

However, there is no icon for it on the HomePage in the app that I can touch to see what apps I can use Chromecast with.

I can however, go to an App on my iPhone - say YouTube or Plex and play something and select the Chromecast icon there and see the Atom and select it and it will start playing.

Why can’t I see it on my Home Screen in the Naim App. Like I can in Naim’s own setup video on You Tube.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum. I have not done much with Chromecast and not seen the video, but here goes anyway:

I can go to the Naim app > Settings > Input Settings > Chromecast built-in, and there are 3 entries:

  • Input enabled (checked)
  • Chrome cast enabled apps >
  • Share usage data

When I touch “Chromecast enabled apps >”, it opens a browser window which goes to a Google help page, which lists the Chromecast-enabled devices and apps that Google knows about. Is this what you mean?

That’s the way Chromecast, AirPlay and Bluetooth are intended to work, you just select them as output options from the app you are using. There’s no need for the Naim app.

Personally I tend to avoid these options where possible as you tend to get better sound quality from streaming services that have native support built into Naim streamers. (I also prefer to avoid anything that comes from Google where possible due to their obsession with harvesting your data but that’s another matter.)

Chromecast is a way that the unit offers itself for connection. It’s not a connection to be selected like Tidal or Spotify.

So a Naim unit with Chromecast built in should appear in the list of Chromecast destinations for any app that sends stuff to Chromecast.

Thanks for the responses.

To try to be clear, in the Naim - How To - Setup your Unity player video on YouTube at 3 mins 17 secs the screen shot for the Naim app showing how to access all your music (if you look closely) shows an icon for Chromecast built in (2nd row of icons 2nd from the left).

There’s other instructions that say if you touch this it will show a list of available apps (that can do Chromecast) and you can click one of those.

Probably the video is older and the app changed, but it seems to me that this is what can be achieved as I described above - with “available” meaning available in general

The Chromecast input in the app was removed in a fairly recent update.


Had to remember how I did it as I haven’t used Chromecast for my Naim products since early days. Most of my time I connected via the Logitech Media Server using the Chromecast plug-in. (This was because I had been accessing Chromecast Audio pucks in that manner.)

I’m pretty sure I also tried using the Google Home App, but I wouldn’t have much control using that method.

10 days later. It looks like Google has removed the play music option on the Google Home app.


In the Naim support pages for the Unity Atom

(I’m not allowed to include links)

If you look under the Playing Music section and pick the Playing Audio via the Chromecast built in you will see the guide show that the icon should be there and how to use it.

I’m actually wondering if this is one of those things that’s there for Android but not for iOS.


And now I’ve read that a December 21 update for the Naim app says:

An update to the Naim App - version 5.23 for iOS devices and 2.23 for Android - will be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from today.

It includes a range of fixes and extra features, including…….

Features (for both iOS and Android)


  • Chromecast: removed source from product Home Screen

This matches what Ansible212 is saying above and (I believe) answers the Q and explains why the outdated video is no longer quite right.


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Also the reason for having a Chromecast button on the Home Screen or in the app is to allow one to select Chromecast instead of, say, servers. But there will only be something to be heard on the Chromecast input if something has been told to send to it. It’s push not pull, as it were.

I’d be interested in knowing what percentage of owners use this Chromecast built-in facility … I’ve disabled the function on my (relatively) new NDX 2. I can’t say I’ve come across an App which either needed or offered it as a way to transfer sound to the NDX 2.

As I found out (and reported elsewhere) this facility does NOT work where the source is a combined AV signal … the very thing I wanted from this facility but which Naim failed to mention in its advertising literature.

bbc sound, dr radio not relevant for most English speaking users. Any app that supports chromecast is preferable to airplay because of the way chromecast works. Tidal however tidal connect gives the same advantages as chromecast. bandcamp, Danish national tv. Do you need more apps?

The BBC Sounds app does for example.

As an Apple user I use AirPlay rather than Chromecast. I guess if I had an Android phone it would be Chromecast. Either way, these are just convenience features which allow access to many sources that Naim don’t have the resources to support natively from within their app.
The only thing I actually use this for is the BBC sounds app, which is far better than the Naim iRadio input for accessing BBC radio. If I want to enjoy listening to good music it’s native Qobuz or locally streamed music.

Thank you for the suggestion. I rarely use BBC Sounds but did do so recently, to catch up on a broadcast I’d heard live but missed the first half. I know I accessed it via BBC Sounds and I’m pretty certain I played it via the NDX 2 (normally I would do so on my PC) … but I can’t think now how. As I wrote, I’ve disabled Chromecast on the NDX 2.

Maybe I’ll re-instate it.

That sounds a little too technical for me. I’ll admit that I never consider quality when listening to the radio (the wireless :slight_smile: ) as this will be mostly “Talk” programmes.

However, if there is a concert broadcast I may go this route. Thank you for the guidance.

I don’t use Deezer, but couldn’t I use Chromecast to cast from my smartphone to my Naim streamer?

On iOS (I assume Android is much the same in this respect) virtually all apps allow you to cast to supported devices using AirPlay or Chromecast. If you can’t find any, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place?

You may have provided the answer to my query … maybe I used AirPlay (iPhone to NDX 2).

Agreed: most of my music listening is sourced from my NAS library … where quality is all-important. It’s only a few concerts which I have on DVD/BluRay and streamed which fall outside of this and the BluRay player is connected (optical) to the N-DAC re: the former. I’ve never had it so good! :slight_smile: