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Bohemian Rhapsody

This is a good film which builds on large part on the fantastic Queen catalogue. The film centers on Freddie’s life story and builds to the Live Aid concert. I found his life as written to me in part moving and engaging. The aspect of rampant gay sex is dealt with well, and the contraction of aids. I didn’t feel there were and cardboard cutouts or tropes and I was swept along by the music, the emotion and the tragedy.



The reality of his life was majorly edited by Brian May and John Deacon who didn’t want the full description of Freddie’s escapades to be released. Freddie was a genius but he was also seriously depraved most of which was kept out of the limelight.

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One aspect I liked about the film was the counterpoint between family, in the widest sense, and hedonism. I think there is a narrative truth in this that resonated with me, was it the actual truth - I hope so.

I was lucky enough to be back stage just before Queen went on at the Live Aid concert and saw their whole set, they really did light the place up, it was electric.


Queen are one band I truly regret never having seen live. Unfortunately, in my youth, I was extremely susceptible to “having to be cool” whatever that actually means. I thought liking Queen would be perceived as homosexual or something and so never gave them any time.

It’s only in the last 15 years or so I’ve truly discovered and loved them. Now I have all their albums on vinyl, some of which are very rare, including a black vinyl pressing of the Highlander soundtrack of which Queen produced themselves and only released a few (although I don’t know exactly how many).

Freddie truly was Queen. The face and the brains behind their whole image and sound. His compositions were so all encompassing of so many genres (even opera with Bohemian Rhapsody), the mind boggles how someone can be so accomplished in so many different styles.

I have no qualms with his hedonistic view of life either, he had a lot of fun and people loved him for it. A true tragedy that he contracted aids at that time, had it been 10 years later it’s quite likely he’d still be alive.

Alita: Battle Angel

Assuming you have read the Manga, or watched the Anime, then you ill know what you are getting with this film as it follows it pretty closely.

This is a film that is definitely FANTASY, there is little in the way of science here. Parking your logic and knowledge of the physical world are you left with a narrative with engaging emotional beats? For me the answer was yes. I have seen criticisms of the film’s central love story and its timing, but I sat through the two and half hours and was engaged throughout.

The films production values and effects are excellent. Alita is obviously not a human whilst facially looking almost human, and fits seamlessly into the world that has been built by the film makers; an impressive feat.

As long as you are prepared to accept the films lack of scientific believability and go with the flow I think there is a good time to be had here, and one which I will be adding to my collection in due course. It is a definite part 1, I hope it does well enough to justify a part 2.


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All Is True

This is the best Branagh film I have seen, by a mile. Shakespeare has come home from London following the destruction of The Globe, never to write again. There he finds a family in turmoil, which matches his own emotional state. This is film that examines relationship, family and wasted talent.

All Is Truth probably ain’t in actuality, but it certainly is full of narrative truth that strikes home powerfully; and I certainly learned some interesting facts about Shakespeare and his family.

Thoroughly Recommended


Exactly as described on the box, fun. If you enjoyed the trailer you know what you are getting.


Avengers: Endgame

Pure fan service for anyone who followed the first 21 films in the Infinity Stone saga - loved it.

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On my ToDo list for this weekend …all three hours of it!

Is there a post credits scene. The journalists reported there was none for them, but that there might be on release.


Avengers: Endgame

I found the film funny, touching and dramatic …in all the places the directors intended. There were things that irritated me, but they passed quickly and with the panoply of detail passing before my eyes were quickly replaced by things I did enjoy.

Three hours long and didn’t feel like it.

…and no, there was no end credit scene.

Well, there is a subtle, audio only one…


The forging sound, probably implying that while hammering on his first suit of armor, Stark’s mind wanders off and he imagines some 20+ adventures. Which in turn implies we’ve been watching his dreams for the past ten years, and the real adventure is about to start, right?


Very good. Dallas strikes back.

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Avengers Endgame - SPOILERS!

OK, so what irritated me?
Time Travel
Doesn’t work here on any level. They use a few quick and fancy lines like a magician uses distraction, but it doesn’t bare any form of analysis. It becomes a Deus Ex Machina, and reminds me of the way that JJ Abrahams undermined Star Trek; but, in a comic book movie I can just roll with it.

Captain Marvel
Just wish she hadn’t been introduced this late in the day in this story arc, some serious ret conning. In all honesty it doesn’t help that the actress uses her position to push agendas; I have issues with any actor or actress doing this.

Rubber Characters
If someone has a ton of ordinance shot at them and walks away I can swing with it if they are a god, not if they are normal flesh and blood.

Battle Scenes
I do wish they would get a military advisor. Having people rush at each other in an undisciplined stampede should just get them all mown down.

As I say, minor irritants as they are mainly standard stupid tropes that all these films suffer from.



Well, I really went in expecting to like the film and left feeling mildly disappointed. This is not a biopic in the same sense as Bohemian Rhapsody, although it does represent Elton John’s life it does make use of fantasy elements. The central performance by Edgerton is good with very able support by Bell and some excellent musical numbers; the younger Elton John is very capable.

Where I feel the film lets itself down is by the unremittingly down beat concentration on the negative in his life. This is a man who has been gifted with tremendous abilities, met people who love him and has been mind blowingly successful, and yet we are constantly mired in his unhappiness. Frankly, it is a trite observation to say that life IS pain, what is note-worthy is how we deal with the pain. This film takes us to the point where things are about to equalise for John, and then ends. My feeling is that this film should have concentrated more on the positive support of the grandmother at the beginning and then had a positive third act.

If you like great musical numbers in support of a depressing narrative then this is the film for you.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.

Even more than chapter 2, reality and story take a backseat to an endless stream of senseless and increasingly sophisticated fight scenes involving knifes, swords, belts, and guns - lots of guns, all presented with more gore than your typical slasher movie. And yet, it feels arty, and strangely watcheable due to well timed comedy and great acting by all involved. I had a great time and look forward to Part 4. Recommended but be prepared to see toenails ripped out and worse.



Trying to get the recipe right is difficult. I enjoyed the first 2/3rds of JW1, but once he was captured just thought it got too silly.

In another franchise I thought that the first Die Hard hit a superb high that none of the others approached.

The first Bourne film was excellent, and then dipped. The last seemed to take a hard right into Bond territory.

Bond is always somewhat tongue in cheek, but swings from fantasy (Moonraker) to harder action (the Salzman films & the new Casino Royale). The slight deprecation generally keeps me on board; just about.

With Wick it is so hard edged and vicious that the idea of humour goes out the window for me. I suspect that I may end up putting it in the same box as Kill Bill, unrealistic savage violence masquerading as entertainment; but, I will go and see it.


Hi M, I think they have the gritty underground martial arts comic book recipe down to a T. That’s not the same thing as wanting to see it again.


I just came back from the OAP’s midday screening of Rocketman. There were about ten people in the screening. The sound track was extremely loud. Too loud in fact.

But I did enjoy the film and I think it focused on the downside in his life because that is what drove him into drink and drugs. So I thought it was quite balanced. I thought they made better use of his music than the recent Freddie Mercury film did.

It was long enough at 2 hours though and I wouldn’t have been very pleased to have had a third act…

But if you like Elton John’s music then you will like this film.