Classic Nait Integrated Amps

Ok so I have recently sold all my hifi kit to fund an NDX2. I haven’t got it yet as I still have a small balance to pay. This means that I need an amp of some description.

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a classic integrated whilst I save for something like a supernait. For a number of reasons. 1) so I can pay homage and experience some classic Naim kit for a while, 2) they are cheaper 3) they seem to have pretty stable resale value.

Which would be the best to look out for to use with an NDX2?

There is a nait 3 on the bay at the moment for what seems like a great price. Why is this cheaper than the nait 2?

Is this a really silly idea and should I just abandon it and look out for an xs2 as a stop gap?

Mark - As much as I like the classic Naits (I have a mint Nait 1 that I bought a few years back) I’d just go for an XS or XS2 instead. A classic Nait is likely to need a service and prices have gone a bit bonkers of late for mint condition serviced ones (if you can find one). I think you’ll really like the XS or XS2. They are really sweet amps that should work very nicely with your NDX2.


Because the Nait 1 or 2 are just best :wink:

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When my 552/500 were off for DR/Recap service I used a Nait2 fed by a NDS into (then) Kudos Titans. The Nait2 had a unique ability to “boogie” and get my foot tapping on every song. What it lacks in detail and finesse it makes up by making everything fun to listen to. Honesty I was worried the 552/500 were not up to the task.

Assume any vintage Naim amp will need a recap service to perform at its best. But I would not dissuade you from building a NDX2/Nait2 system.


As above

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It depends on which speakers you are driving but a Nait 5 is about the best value for money at the moment. As said though if you are going to spend a little more then the XS is a much better buy than the earlier Nait 1 or 2 unless you are a nostalgia freak or collector. They are good amps but will likely need servicing and are popular for their looks and size. I have a Nait 2 and will never part with it but only because it was my first step into Naim kit. The Nait 5 or 51 is just as good and cheaper.


Nait three is a great amp I ran one for many years (a 3r so had a remote) and was extremely happy with it…

If it’s only as a stopgap while you build a newer system around it I’d say go for it and I wouldn’t worry about the service history etc, it’s only a few hundred bucks I should think and you’ll get all of your money out when your resell…

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I’ll just leave this here. I had mine for c. 20 years.

Never heard an earlier NAIT, I suspect they have more of the classic Naim sound than the 3. But the 3 is a bargain. I think it really was pretty much a one box NAC92/NAP90.

If it was me I might go for the NAIT 2 - as it’s such a classic and almost some sort of rite of passage. The 3 is great though, and would be a good interim measure before a XS2 or 3, or the SN.

But as others have said, I doubt you’d regret any of the options, and would not lose much, if any, money.

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Nait 2 is the classic shoebox shape. One of the reasons why it’s popular.

Nait 3 was my first Naim item. It was great. The 2 may be more popular but I’d get the 3 if the price is right. You’ll get your money back when you sell.

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You raise a really important thing to consider… the remote! If these old naits had remotes I could manage but no remote is a deal breaker. I had not thought about this. Can’t believe I overlooked it. I am really going to need a remote as the ndx2 does not have analogue volume control obviously. Using the digital one is not an option and rather not even try that. Ok so this brings me back to a more modern nait. From what I can see the XS and SN are the only ones with the remote jack in allowing the use of the NDX2 remote via system automation.

Cheers for the responses fellas this helps a lot!:+1:

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Pft. Reminds me of the Fast Show sketch. “The old owner of a classic Naim amp game? All the changing the volume by hand? Having to use your legs every time you want to change the source? Hardest game in the world. Done it myself see, 20 years, man and boy.” :wink:


Hahaha! I know I know. 1st world problems. I just know it would bug me. Also my wife is really sensitive to volume so I have to do a lot of adjustments between tracks and especially with tv/ movies. It would drive me crazy getting up all the time.

P.a. Love fast show.

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Until you hear the sound that an early Nait delivers you soon forget about getting up and down to change the volume.

I would love to hear a Nait 1 or 2 with your speakers attached, just saying :slightly_smiling_face:

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How’d you think these would go with the NDX2 ?

72 + 140 are they an ok combo?

No remote

I knoooooow. It’s killing me I really want to get one of these old retro things but that’s the clincher. Maybe I should save for one once I’ve got the main setup sorted.

I’m guessing you may have already seen the old Hifi World “Naitology” article, but just in case you haven’t, here you go…

However, in your position, if you can get an XS or XS2 then that may well be your best bet here and might even mean a Supernait is not needed.


I’ve had those same thoughts.

£2k UK, give or take, is a fun budget point.

New XS3
2nd hand SN2
Some rather nice olive pre-power combos

I don’t know how you decide, but they’ll all be fantastic.

And I know there is some license with those prices, but it’s close enough to make the point that depending what you want out of an amp there are some great Naim options.

[Edited: half the budget, you’re still talking about a nice used XS2, SN1, or a nice olive pre-power]

Cheers Richard I’ll take a look I haven’t seen that before. Yes I’m even thinking about stretching to an xs 3 and leaving it there for a while.

Why not get a used SN2 and leave it there? Costs the same as used XS3.
If you do not need the phono stage even more reason to get the SN2. You can get it at less than 2000€ in Germany for instance, so prices should be similar on your side…