Cleaning NAIM equipment

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So how does one clean those matt black Naim boxes. Up to know I’ve instructed SWMBO to use nothing but a soft duster but, over the years, there are things like finger prints and other dirt marks starting to show so something a little more intrusive is now required.

Can anyone please advise what to use to clean the surface of the equipment?


Damp, lint free cloth works well. Never used any form of proprietary cleaner - don’t see the need to take any risks!

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Steve, I’ve moved this into the Hifi Corner for you.

At the factory, Naim use a medium density open cell foam pad and Astonish tile and glass cleaner.


The supermarket shelves will be empty now!

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Previous threads always recommended Astonish. Is it no longer the shizz then? Still works great for my system.

Thanks… wasn’t quite sure where the question fitted.

Astonish! Never would have thought that.

Per Richard: to remove finger marks etc. medium density open cell foam pad and Astonish tile and glass cleaner. ‘Other tile & glass cleaners are available’ & do work just as well. The trick is to not saturate the foam, it only needs to be damp. Once thats done I find a regular dusting brush or cloth is all thats needed for many more cleaning cycles.

Astonish tile and glass is discontinued :frowning:
Would window & glass be okay? This has acetic acid in though (vinegar) - okay?

Expensive kit so I want to get this 100% right before going ahead.

I just use a micro fibre cloth lightly damp with a washing up liquid solution then dry immediately with dry cloth.

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I just use window and glass cleaner with a soft microfibre. Works fine

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Steve, as Mike says above, other tile and glass cleaners are available. I think I have been using Windowlene for a number of years without any obvious deleterious effects.

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Suites me :slight_smile:
I have some under the kitchen sink.


Car glass cleaners also good - the liquid variety and not the abrasive thick polishes BTW.

I like Autoglym’s Fast Glass, and Sonax’s Xtreme Glass Clear. The Sonax is a little more a powerful a cleaner (I use this in Winter on the car), and also adds a light water resistant coating that helps a little with finger prints too.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Now forwarded to SWMBO for her to take over :slight_smile:

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Have you used it often? Does the light film build up, or does each new cleaning replace the previous film? I though that glass cleaners were recommended because they evaporate 100% and leave nothing. My understanding is that the anodised finish is actually very durable, but that muck building up in the “roughness” of the matt sections could make it look uneven.

I remember a while back someone on the old forum mentioned that they apply a car LSP, Swissvax IIRC, to their Naim gear.

I didn’t know it was discontinued, I bought my current bottle about 4 months ago. Oh well like I said (with tongue in cheek) other brands are available

Why not just wear white cotton gloves when handling the boxes? That way the boxes stay fingerprint free. I was given a pair by Peter Swain, but they’re cheap to buy on line.

Very obviously still available. Ocado have it in stock as does my local supermarket.

Firstly, AG Fast Glass leaves no residue behind from what I can see. The choice for the paranoid or over cautious.

Secondly, the Sonax ads nothing to the finish visually either. So the build up of “muck” as you describe it, or “Nano” coating according to Sonax, is simply negligible and so thinly applied that it’s imperceptible. It’s hardly a layer of black paint being slapped on.

To expand, post application, the finish and texture of the anodised surface remain unchanged to the eye and physical touch. It just helps with finger print marks when manoeuvring the boxes into place - esp if space is tight.

I’ve been using Autoglym Fast Glass and Sonax (depending on which I had at the time) on my prized Nait2 for around 10 years. I would certainly never use anything which would downgrade this treasured possession. My UQ2 has also been subjected to the same torture for three years since purchase. Both items look as new.

Hope that helps and calms any fears of potential damaged.

If owners have white gloves, then congratulations - problem solved!