Concert / Gig Tickets what is your oldest ticket

I tend to keep my tickets and came across one for Tangerine Dream from 1986

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My earliest and first, was/is Queen at Coventry Theatre on the Shear Heart Attack tour - so that 3rd Nov’74…!! (cost was £1-75 I think…)

Tangerine Dream is very cool, though… :sunglasses:


My first concert was Mott the Hoople with Queen as support, at the Hammersmith Odeon on the 14th December 1973, the legendary 2nd show. Ticket cost was £1.50, I think I still have the ticket stub somewhere, seats were front centre circle. It was a concert that I have never forgotten.


Royal Festival Hall must be 1961ish .
Dizzy,Brubeck and Buck Clayton. All in the one concert.

No dates inside but Melody Maker and Jazz News were each 6d.


I think that I have tucked away somewhere the ticket for Carlos Kleiber’s only ever orchestral concert in London, on 5 June 1981. I do have the programme still.

He conducted the London Symphony Orchestra in the Overture to Weber’s Freischuetz, Schubert’s Third Symphony, and Beethoven’s Seventh.

At the time, it was a real coup for the LSO to get Kleiber (he had stepped in at the last moment to replace the Orchestra’s then honorary President, Karl Boehm). The Orchestra were up for it, and (to my ears, anyway) played our of their skins.

But the critics panned the concert in the next morning’s reviews.

Kleiber was furious. He said that he would never come back to conduct in London. And he never did.

My wife did this picture frame up from my tickets a few years ago

The earliest on it is the Rolling Stones in 1982, Slane Castle ( Harry Styles just played there this weekend).

The second down on the right I remember well (a great gig) but mainly remember my mother’s incredulity

Who are your going to see?
Ted Hawkins

Where is it on?

Where is that?
Hawkins Street

Cohen, Dylan, McCartney, Stones, U2, Neil Young, Springsteen, Lizzy, Van, Costello - when I look at this I realise how lucky I’ve been.

And of course how lucky they have been to have had me in their audience.



I’m not a collector type so never kept any - but this thread is making me wish I did! (Though where on earth I’d have put them to do and retain through all the house moves I’ve had I have no idea.)

1980 - Charlie Parker Tribute at the RFH put on by George Wein. Should have been at the Ally Pally but it burnt down just before.

Sadly no longer have ticket but Creedence Clearwater Revival Concert Setlist at Royal Albert Hall, London on September 28, 1971 |

they go in a series of shoe boxes which over the years become a curious history of my life and have indeed travelled with me through many moves. From gig tickets to inter rail passports to stamps and various and curious letters.

but back to the topic…

Tickets are on the loft but I think Rush in 82 but I also saw Lizzy and the Jam around the same time. Come to think of it I saw Saxon before all of them in perhaps 1980 ish?

I’ll have to trump that by a few years I’m afraid! 1st November 1981



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For some reason I’ve absolutely no recollection of this!

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My original ticket is somewhere in the study filing system, but this replica from the Bannister festivals box set saves me hours of searching.


Pink Floyd 1989 £17.50

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Not the oldest, but old…

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Sometime later…

Blondie, 6th January 1980 on a covered ice rink at Deeside Leisure Centre. They replayed the gig a couple of weeks later due to awful sound. Debbie Harry was somewhat the worse for wear too.
It’s one of the few stubs I kept and is up in the loft now safe from the clutches of the wife who is on a mission to de-clutter. I have the Blondie ticket along with stubs from AC/DC, Rush, Rainbow, The Cure and P.I.L.
The one I regret not having is from the original Live Aid. It got lost somewhere between Wembley Stadium and my front door in North Wales.

I must admit to being a bit anal with this but I’ve kept most stubs and keep them chronologically in those albums you see a picture of.
What is annoying was the tendency not to show the year on a lot. I’ve about 10 Christy Moore & Mary Black that even after hours of research I cant find the years. Pre internet!