Concerts planned for 2022

Anyone looking forward to the Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam today it seems is out of luck (for a while anyway).

Just booked tickets to see Lady Blackbird as part of EFG London Jazz Festival at Barbican on Friday 18th November

Just booked to see Steve Hackett (again…), this time at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester - on 7th October…

Will also probably head over to Leicester (not DMH…) to see Eliza Carthy, this Tuesday…

For 2023, I already have Suzanne Vega booked, again at DMH.

He is really putting in some miles with the tours at the moment and next year as well….bless him.

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Far more Genesis than ‘Genesis’… :expressionless:

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Yes and Nad Sylvan is great on vocals👍

Not quite sure who is currently in Steve’s band…? His website says this, for 2019:

Roger King
Nat Sylvan
Rob Townsend
Jonas Reingold
Craig Blundell

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