Concerts planned for 2022

A couple shows scheduled for the fall.

September 26, 2022: Shai Maestro Quartet - Shai Maestro (Piano), Ofri Nehemya (Drums), Jorge Roeder (Bass) and Philip Dizack (Trumpet).

November 6, 2022: Charles Lloyd Ocean Trio - Charles Lloyd (Saxophone), Gerald Clayton (Piano) and Anthony Wilson (Guitar).

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Can you guess where i am now?


Looks like Scarborough Open Air Theatre, North Yorkshire’s best kept secret?

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Gawsworth Hall, Cheshire. To see Kate Rusby :slightly_smiling_face:

Close, but no cigar … … … wait, … … … no, not even close. :blush:

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It didn’t happen during TT. But the gig is finally taking place on 16th August.

Roxanne de Bastion at St. Pancras Old Church in November. The show is being recorded for release as a live recording