Concerts Planned for 2023

Can’t believe I have just paid for tickets 12 months in advance, but Springsteen in Hyde Park in July 2023 was too hard to resist.

Anyone else lining up the 2023 music calendar yet ?

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Yes, Pet Shop Boys at Wembley Arena in June 2023

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Springsteen at Villa Park tickets bagged in the presale this morning. Very happy bunny as my kids have agreed to come with me for my 10th time seeing The Boss.

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I have Villa Park Bruce tix for 2023 and Nils Frahm London tix for 2024!!


Blimey, tickers for 2024 already !

Makes the Springsteen concert look like a positively last minute arrangement.

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And now Springsteen in Newark, NJ. Trip of a lifetime for me :grinning:


Mogwai in February

Roxy Music a week from tonight here in Boston.

This is kinda big for us as my wife really has sworn off all shows as she gets anxiety from the crowd. But she loved Roxy Music back-in-the-day and wants to try.

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Hope it all goes well. I do understand

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Good luck Bart, hope you are both able to enjoy it. Saw Bryan Ferry at the royal Albert hall last year and although not the RM line up, it was absolutely brilliant, you are in for a treat. Consummate performer.


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How did you both enjoy the show @Bart ?
I’m looking forward to the London show in mid October

Held by Trees, January 20th at BOTW Manchester

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That should be interesting, like the album.

Jim the show was FABULOUS! We both enjoyed it a lot! The venue was perfect for us and my wife felt comfortable which was a great relief to both of us.

The musicianship was fantastic and Bryan Ferry’s voice was spot-on. You should enjoy the show.

My only negative is that the entire set was only 1 hr 40 minutes.


Wow. Looks like you had great seats!

Tide Lines in March

Going to see Rammstein again in Berne 2023. Managed to get golden circle tickets. Should be amazing!
Saw them earlier this summer in Turin and they had an insane stage show.


I’ll be going to the rescheduled James Taylor concert at the SEC Armadillo (Glasgow).

I had also intended to buy tickets for the Roger Waters tour at the Glasgow SEC Hydro. His last concert here pre-covid was amazing and I have always been a huge fan. However, the comments he is alleged to have made about Ukraine, Russia and the Ukraine conflict have left a very bitter taste in my mouth to the extent that I shall now be boycotting his concert. A pretty futile and relatively meaningless protest I know in the context of recent events, but I really am so disappointed in Roger Waters!

It is of course possible that his statements have been taken out of context and misinterpreted by reporters. However, I feel that this is probably quite unlikely.


Good for you @Hmack

I’ve read many similar reports of Mr Waters over the past few weeks and in your position I think I would do the same. A shame, but……