Concerts Planned for 2023

Can’t believe I have just paid for tickets 12 months in advance, but Springsteen in Hyde Park in July 2023 was too hard to resist.

Anyone else lining up the 2023 music calendar yet ?

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Yes, Pet Shop Boys at Wembley Arena in June 2023

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Springsteen at Villa Park tickets bagged in the presale this morning. Very happy bunny as my kids have agreed to come with me for my 10th time seeing The Boss.

I have Villa Park Bruce tix for 2023 and Nils Frahm London tix for 2024!!

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Blimey, tickers for 2024 already !

Makes the Springsteen concert look like a positively last minute arrangement.

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And now Springsteen in Newark, NJ. Trip of a lifetime for me :grinning: