Concerts Planned for 2023

But a good show?

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Well worth it, for me closes that circle I’d seen his first and last tour here. That’s a 51 year span.


Amazing if you think about it👍

Luke Haines & Peter Buck in Bristol this February.

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The Comet is Coming to Cambridge in March :comet:

VNV Nation in may

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We’ve got tickets to see Ward Thomas in April and Elton John in June. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Elton John I’d hate to regret not seeing him if this is indeed his last tour.

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If it’s Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour you won’t be disappointed. Had the pleasure of seeing it a week or so ago.

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Elton seems to have been doing his last tour for about 30 years. However, I think I believe him this time.

I am going to see Herb Alpert in Montreal during the month of May. I hope too see more concerts as well.

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Birdy Madrid April
Suede Camden December

Hoping to catch Jack Savoretti and Bears Den this year too.